To Do the Right Thing, I Had to Leave

We’d just had our daughter but staying would have made everything worse.

I am an Absentee Dad But My Side of the Story is Important

She doesn’t know that I left to get my life together so that it could include her.

For Mindful Men: No, Sex Won’t Heal Your Broken Heart

How do you heal a broken heart? Most of us have experienced this pain, but there are some important no-no’s (and mindful suggestions) to keep in mind.

It’s Better When They Stay: A One-Night Stand Will End Exactly As You Thought

Caitlin Jill Anders asks the “what if” questions for the morning after the one-night stand.

Why You Should Never Regret Not Sleeping With Someone

When it’s the right one, it won’t matter if you sleep with them on the first or the 15th date. They’ll text you back.

An Affair to Unremember: My First and Only One-Night Stand

Jonathan Buzin wishes one night of his life had never happened, and he shares what he learned to spare others his pain.

Beyond the Third Date Rule: How to Pace Sex for Relationship Success

Lust at first meeting, love at first sight, but what leads to happy ever after? Blair Glaser has a suggestion.

The Mother of the Mamma Mia Bride, in Real Life

A pregancy scare following a hat-trick of lovers, and a cheesy show about a wedding gone haywire leave Beth Franken contemplating the purpose of monogamy.

Why Do Men Cheat?

Biology explains why men stray, but reason and affection hold the keys to happy, monogamous marriages between women and men.

Faithful Women Wanted

What an ad calling for “faithful women” says about the dating mentality of men, nowadays…

On Women and Casual Sex – Part II: Flings, One Night Stands and Same Night Lays

Guys, you’re doing it wrong: some women DO like casual sex.

On Women and Casual Sex – Part I: The Pleasure Theory

Actually, Good Charlotte, girls DON’T like cars and money—as much as they like boys who know how to “please” them…

Dear John: Will Making Her Feel Awful Make Him Feel Better?

Dear John addresses a drunken one night stand, hating a girlfriend’s hair cut, and a daughter who is embarrassed by her father.

Ten Things I’ve Learned By Having One-Night Stands

“When you wake up in a part of your city that you don’t recognize with somebody you don’t know, it leads you to question your decision-making abilities. But it often makes a terrific story.”

A Buddhist Take on Love, Sex, and Compassion

What’s the Buddhist view concerning one-night stands? Lodro Rinzler explains that and more.

Dear John,

Did you have a drunken one-night stand 20 years ago? With a woman you now see regularly at your kid’s school? “Dear John” has you covered.