My Love-Hate Relationship With Online Dating


Jon Vaughn is no expert in the online dating world, but here are a few things he’s found that are helpful to avoid.

3 Simple Rules for Thriving in Online Dating

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It seems we are leaving little up our sleeve for the second date, and our brains simply aren’t ready for it.

Playdates for Adults: How to Find Play, Fun, and Love, Maybe


You don’t want games. You don’t want new drama. You want clarity, well-stated intention, and a clear communication style with this person. Anything less is a red flag.

Call me. Please.


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5 Myths and 5 Truths About Online Dating As Adults


Don’t be fooled by their photos, their profile statements, or their fluent email banter. Go for the face-to-face meeting with as little hassle and energy as possible.

Burn the Maps! You Think You Know About Dating After Divorce


That’s what I’m looking for—the fire. To feel the burn and intoxication again. But for the fire to come and burn my maps, there needs to be a spark. And the journey ahead may be longer than I want.

Online Dating Is Like the Deep End, And I Have No Idea How to Swim

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Blogger Al DeLuise on what online dating is really like.

Movies Ruined My Chance At Love

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Conflict and Scotch blogger Al DeLuise on how he hasn’t found his happy ending, and why that’s okay.

20 Tips On How To Spot Someone Not For You In Online Dating

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Sherri Rosen brings you tips for online dating, and how to save yourself wasted time and energy.

5 Online Dating Profile Mistakes Men Make and How to Fix Them


Online dating is competitive. Kate Houston is a professional online dating profile writer with some tips to help men succeed.

“Both enjoyed first date or never again = Split the check.”

Meet 4 coffee

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7 Of The Mistakes Both Men And Women Make While Dating Online


Lets be honest. Online dating is the most convenient way to meet someone in the 21st century. Here are the mistakes to avoid while mingling digitally.

The 3 Types Of ‘Thirsty’ Men Online


Ladies. Social media has unleashed a new strain of loser. The “thirsty” man. Here’s how to spot him.

The Single Guy Archives, Vol 1. Online Dating Adventures


The author was once a very different, single man. Here, he shares his past dispatches from the front lines of the dating game.

Why Don’t Some Men Commit? Too Many Digital Options


Some men are only as faithful as their options. And unfortunately with social media, the options are plentiful

Dating in the Gay World: Extinct…or Evolving?

So, how did YOU meet?

Ryan Shea asks, “Is the ‘Meet Up’ the new Dating?”