Hell No!

Joe Doe doesn’t want you to change your mind, you just have to open it.

How to End a Fight (on Twitter) Without Spilling Blood

Another person’s background may have led them to different conclusions than your own, but that doesn’t make their opinion less valid.

Are We Raising Our Boys to Fit in the Man-Box?

They were just three American men on a train until the unthinkable happened.

Dear America: Here’s Your Gun Solution

When you have a greater ability to take a human life you have a greater responsibility to prove your fitness to wield the tools that may create that end.

I’m Not Buying It (Wait, am I Biased?)

Patrick Sallee discusses the powerful influence of our hidden psychological biases.

Sexism Gives Women Weird Power Over Men

A lot of men think that women wield power over them. They may be right.

Is Sherri Shepard Wrongly Being Forced Into Parenthood?

In a Utopian world, no person — male or female —would be forced into parenthood. However, as much as this may seem unfair, we must bear responsibilities for our actions.

Dear Urban Outfitters: Stop Telling White People It’s Ok To Steal From Native American Culture

Urban Outfitters needs to stop.

John Travolta, Joe Biden, And Why Men Touch Women’s Bodies Without Asking

The ‘mantouching’ trend needs to stop.

The New Atheists

John Faithful Hamer has a bone to pick with the latest incarnation of the Atheist Movement.

Study Blames Craigslist Sex for Increased HIV Rates—But the Problem is Much Bigger

Don’t blame the Internet for increasing rates of HIV in urban areas. Blame a lack of adequate sex education.

Remembering the Soldiers

Vaughn Granier on giving respect to those who give the “ultimate sacrifice”.

Men, Women & Group Fitness: Do They Belong Together?

One man’s honest opinion on what it feels like to work out with women, and why he chooses not to. What’s your take?

‘Humans Of New York’ Isn’t Clickbait – It’s Why The Internet Exists

This is humanity.

“Do Most American’s learn about Issues & Vote based on Sound Bites?”

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