Chance Meetings and Their Power to Change Your Life

Imagine if you just said hello.

My Dear Son, About Those Aliens In Your Head

A father gives his son six ways to drown out the voices of doubt and fear.

When Abused Women Speak Out, Men Listen

Not enough male victims come forward about sexual abuse and violence, so we listen to the voices of women for guidance.

Why I Write: To Be On The Dock

Pamala J. Vincent shares the driving force behind her desire to write.

Get a Job or Follow Your Passion?

Will you miss opportunity’s knock by chasing your passion?

It’s All About Perspective: Seeing Life Through New Eyes is Beautiful

Perspective is a powerful measuring stick to see how far a person has either advanced or retreated.

Why We Run #13: To Fly

To fly. To adventure. Because I can.

Fallout From Ferguson II: The Biggest Opportunity For Our Society

David Shechtman urges us to look at what we can create out of Ferguson, and gives four action steps for how we can move forward together.

Opportunity isn’t Luck, it’s Earned Through Struggle, Effort and Hard Work

We live in a universe in which uncertainty is a certainty. What we know compared to what we don’t know is literally nothing.

The Moment My Hands Followed My Shadow

Erin Kelly reflects on the power of opportunity in celebration of Disability Employment Awareness Month.

Why You Need To Get Over It And Just Call The Person You’re Interested In

The lost art of being direct, it’s still the best.

What You Learn When Teaching For America

Teach for America corp member, Martin Byrne, discovers his true potential with the help of 40 Cleveland students.

Diversifying our Opportunities

In our male-dominated economy, it’s women who provide the most opportunity for us to grow. Conrad Liveris explores what we stand to gain through gender equality.

The Opportunities of Aging

The clock is ticking, but with it comes opportunities.

When Life Hands You Lemons, See Lemonade

If you can see the potential in your life, you are ready to be inspired.

Wanted: Editors for the Politics and Business Sections of The Good Men Project

Responsibilities include creating a community of contributors of people who care about these issues and who can write about them clearly and compellingly.