You Doth Protest Too Much, Methinks: Projection and Systems of Oppression

The progression, or lack there of, for LGBTQ equality.

Christian Proselytizing as a Form of Oppression

While many Christians view proselytizing as offering the gift of Jesus to the “unbelievers,” many if not most individuals of other faiths and many non-believers consider this as not merely an imposition or as manipulation, but, in fact, consider this as a form of oppression.

The Suffering of Seven Billion

“If we could read the secret history of our enemies, we should find in each man’s life sorrow and suffering enough to disarm all hostility.” — Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

10 Things All White Folks Need to Consider about the #BaltimoreUprising

As a White person, Jaime Utt is so frustrated in how so many of us are blaming people of Color for their own oppression and condemning them for expressions of grief and rage that make us uncomfortable and afraid. If you find yourself doing that, read this.

What You Can Do Right Now About Police Brutality

Instead of telling your black friends that you hope things will get better, show them how you are working to make things better.

What Does it Mean to Say to an Indian, “Go back to the reservation”?

What is happening within the hearts and minds of Eastern Michigan University students who are willing to tell a Native elder to “go back to the reservation”?

6 Reasons Why Being Called “Cis” is Not Oppressive

James St. James challenges the notion that the term “cisgender” adds to divisions between people, and suggests the term can help encourage healing.

4 Alternate Questions for Passover

Thomas Fiffer breaks with tradition to offer four new questions for the Passover seder.

What is the Only Protest You Have?

Rudy really, really, really wants you to understand power and protest

Why We Need to Fight for Each Other

Intersectionality. It’s a word a lot of people struggle with. Here’s a graphic that just might help you “get it”.

White People Square Off

The “war” stops here

We are Expendable

Darren Wilson helps prove justice is an illusion in one hand, and a tool of oppression in the other.

Mixed Results in Studies Investigating LGBT Equality

Equality can only be achieved by breaking all of the many spokes in the wheel of oppression.

God Stole My Son – Now He Faces The Reaction

Madness forced Andrew Lawes to Hell. The person he met there showed him the truth – a revelation that has unleashed a furious anger.

The Many Ways We All Lose in a Heterosexist Environment

“I find it paradoxical that we live in a society where love of difference makes one the same, while love of sameness makes one different.”

A New Peer Youth Chorus Transforming the World

Youth of all identities are fighting deadly oppression as an activist chorus transforming the world.