Who is Responsible for Her Pleasure?

her pleasure

Simply read what various online PhDs, sex therapists, coaches and such have to say on the subject, and you are likely to find one of three basic opinions: It’s the man’s job to please his woman, it’s the woman’s job to please herself, or women should learn to accept fewer orgasms.

How To Increase Sexual Desire For Your Partner

Sensual woman kissing her husband

Jordan Gray gives you seven unique ways to boost your libido and keep your relationship red hot.

Sexual Healing

kissing couple

A new vision of 21st century male sexuality.

The Only Sex Tip Every Man Needs

Self-control goes a long way

The greatest sex tip ever for improving your relationship. No, this is not an ad!

10 Things To Consider If You Want To Have More Intimate Sex


What if aliens came and observed our sexual behavior today? Would they think our acts are for procreation alone, or rather an act of love?

Too Busy For Sex? What To Do


Dr. Stephen Petteruti talks about how to train and plan for sex so you never find yourself saying “too busy” again.

Sex, Shame and Letting Go of “Should”


Learning to let go of the toxic shames and developing a positive relationship with shame is an ongoing process.

Be The Greatest Lover She’s Ever Known


Doctor NerdLove explains that in order to be the best lover possible, you’ll have to unlearn what you think you know about how to be great in bed.

This is How to Change the Game

Dating, Treating Sex like a Game, Game Playing, Orgasm, Sex is a Game

While sex isn’t a game, the best solution is to make sure everyone wins. Bex VanKoot explains how.

Touch Isolation: Insisting Boys Learn Independence Creates an Isolating Trap for Men


Mark Greene believes that men heckle women about frequency of sex because men key on it as authentic contact in lives otherwise cut off from connection.

Depression, Drugs and Loss of Libido


Your antidepressant might be affecting your sex drive and the state of your marriage.

Little Wanker

early childhood development, precocious masturbation, how young do children masturbate, children masturbate, children sexual exploration, playing doctor, early sex education

Andy Bodle was a precocious youth with an excess of curiosity and desire.

7 Surprising Things That Sex Cures


Get down and get rid of these symptoms!

21 Step Guide to the Art of Masculine Domination


Skillful dominance requires confidence and sensitivity. Are you bringing it, every step of the way?

Seven Things I Learned as a Male Phone Sex Operator


Noah Brand talks about his days working phone sex, and the important lessons he took away.

Hot Sex, Heart Sex, and the Best Sex: 5 Secrets for Having It All


Hot sex is how you got here in the first place. Heart sex is how to stay together.