God is Love and This 6-Year-Old Orphan Proves It

Reverend J. Edwin Bacon, Jr shows us the touching story of a son who woke up to a dead mother, and how he was inspired to grow from it.

The Breech

Sean Davis gives a haunting first-person account of the inhumanity (and the humanity) of war.

Excerpt from RE JANE

For Jane Re, a half-Korean, half-American orphan, Flushing, Queens, is the place she’s been trying to escape from her whole life.


On Parents Day, Tammy Palazzo reflects on her version of growing up alone.

Korean Orphans and Empathetic Art

“I always bring a pad of paper and pen to meetings. I start to doodle in order to stay focused. “ By the end of the meeting, he realized that he had drawn the Korean orphan without consciously making the decision to do so.

Meet the Teen Diving Champ With Two Dads

“When people ask me what it is like to be straight and to have gay parents, I tell them ‘It’s great!’”

South African Boy Inspires Philadelphia Woman to Pour Coffee

A 16-year-old boy in foster care is the inspiration behind an award-winning, Philadelphia-based social venture which helps bridge the gap between foster care and interdependence.

“I’ll Take Anyone.” An Orphan’s Spirited Plea.

The inspirational story of one young boy who had to beg for a parent. Davion Navar Henry Only, a 15-year-old orphan who has spent his entire life in foster care, said the following to more than 300 people at Florida St. Marks Missionary Baptist Church: “I’ll take anyone. Old or young, dad or mom, black, […]

The Dog is Dead

Parenting doesn’t end, especially when your adult children endure the harrowing

When Your Parent Dies

What gifts of care or truth are worthwhile to the dying, and to those left behind?