Graham Moore Wins Oscars Night: ‘Stay Weird. Stay Different.’

In his acceptance speech for ‘The Imitation Game,’ Moore shares a powerful message based on the story of his own attempted suicide as a teenager.

Mrs. Smith (Pitt) Goes to Washington? Angelina Jolie Should

Brains, heart and experience combined with charisma, charm and a great work ethic, are all the ingredients we need in our representatives in Washington

Scottish Independence 718 years post William Wallace’s Revolt?

Centuries after defeat, Scotland might just get its independence back. Following a democratic process and battle of ideas and principles, it is a model for all to follow.

Boycott Chiquita, Burger King and all Corporate Tax Dodgers?

We need a tax system that will encourage business creation, growth and global expansion while providing for fair tax U.S. revenue and investment in America and its work force.

What Do We Want for Our Children?

The tragic and untimely death of Philip Seymour Hoffman made a lot of people think. Larry Bernstein thought about the children.

Movies: Jamie Foxx Will Play Electro In The Amazing Spider-Man Sequel [@hannibaltabu]

In a casting announcement for another role, it was leaked that Oscar-winning multi-hyphenate Jamie Foxx will indeed join the cast of Amazing Spider-Man 2. When last we heard from Jamie Foxx, he was crossing his fingers that he would be cast as Electro in Amazing Spider-Man 2. Foxx’s four year old daughter was a big […]

Fashion: Geek Beauty of The Month for April 2012 [@kerrywashington @jurneesmollett @adeperooduye]

Komplicated presents a monthly taste of geek beauty for your desktop delight.

This Is No “Artist.” It Is “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close.”

A movie about a son who loses his father, and what he goes on to find.

Why Men Should Wear Dresses to the Oscars

Next time you are invited to a black tie affair, don’t go black. Go sheer purple with the bright yellow cover up.

Nominations are out…and the Good Man Oscar goes to … George Clooney

10 reasons why he is just a better man than Brad Pitt