‘No Escape’ One Father’s Fight to Protect His Family

No Escape 1

  When things go badly with a new job in the worst possible way, this man refuses to stop until his loved ones are safe This is an interesting new film coming out Wednesday. It has a lot of tough to watch images of a country run into chaos when the people are denied basic rights. […]

Coming Soon: The Grand Budapest Hotel


Director Wes Anderson has a very peculiar style and his latest film, The Grand Budapest Hotel, will be no exception.

Reading for All Mankind: Why a Decline in Violence Might Be a Bad Thing

non violence

Steven Pinker’s new book argues that our culture has become less violent. Andrew Ladd wonders what other evils that decline might hide.

How Birdwatching Explains the World


Noah Davis finds connections between birdwatching and another pastime we’re all familiar with.