Do People ‘Belong’ To Each Other?

Happy couple racing on bikes

Jordan Gray wonders if saying “my girlfriend” versus “my woman” is really all that different.

On Owning Nothing


Change is possible, if we keep our minds open and allow ourselves to explore the possibilities.

Are You a Single Father or a Divorced Dad?


A startling confession from his wife while out with friends angered Doug Zeigler enough to explore the stereotype of men who are divorced and have kids.

The Second Happiest Day Of My Life


Here he is: Stuart Ross happily remembers his wedding day and the moment when things became “ours” .

Creative: Breaking Down The Benefits Of Making Comics [@hannibaltabu]


The following is a first person editorial. I saw an article referencing comments by writer Jim Zubkavich, who writes the largely entertaining comic Skullkickers (among other credits): Creator says creator-owned comics pay as little as $31.25 a page—if you’re lucky. On a print run of 5000 comics (and many, many creator-owned titles sell less than […]

“In developed nations gun ownership levels directly correlate with the number of firearm murders.”


This is a comment by John Smith on the post “Incentivizing Violence: When Will the Insanity End!?”