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A second excerpt from Chapter Two in Noah Brand’s and Ozy Franz’s book about masculinity.

Manchester Baby Boy Bleeds To Death After Circumcision

circumcision-- miss pupik

Why do we continue to circumcise children?

Is There A War On Men?

housework-- sustainable sanitation

Women and men are fighting a war where the bombs are OUR HEARTS. Or something.

Words of Hope


Offer a message of comfort to prison rape survivors this holiday season.

On Men and Fashion

fashion-- MindyTaylor

Or why hipster mustaches and bronies in fedoras are the new face of feminism.

Dear Teenage Self: You Have Depression


Ozy Frantz wants to go back in time and say “Just take the meds.”

The Proper Way To Share Your Junk


“You keep it classy, San Diego.” Ron Burgundy, Anchorman

What Is The Prison-Industrial Complex?


It’s America’s biggest issue that nobody quite wants to talk about. Ozy Frantz unpacks the structure of getting paid to keep a lock on freedom.

Field-testing Toplessness


What a bare-breasted romp through Central Park can teach us about evolving social attitudes.

P!nk: Lady Warrior, Femmephobe

Femmephobia is a trouble that I look on with no small amount of sympathy. In this lovely article from No Seriously, What AboutTeh Menz? Ozy Frantz discusses how, when zie was in high school, zie was a “Cool Chick.” Zie mocked other girls for their stereotypically feminine presentation and behavior and “adopt[ed] male gender norms […]

What About The Men: Chapter 1, Introduction and Principles


The first chapter of Noah Brand and Ozy Frantz’s provocative book What About The Men? ​explores feminism, gender performance, and why the “man box” is a bad fit.

The Good Men Project Combines Forces with Other Top Blogs About Men

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The Good Men Project joins with “No Seriously, What About Teh Menz” and other blogs that are seriously (or amusingly) about, by and for men.

Teenage Boys and Virginity Loss


Ozy Frantz breaks down the numbers in a CDC report on teenage sex. Spoiler alert: reality does not resemble stereotypes very well.

Cracked.com on Misogyny


Ozy Frantz takes down a humor article that tries to be forward-thinking on gender issues and ends up the butt of its own joke.

Ten Responses to “Man Up”


Ozy Frantz introduces us to award-winning slam poet Guante, and his opinions on the phrase “Man up.”

The Prison-Industrial Complex is Anti-Man


Ozy Frantz takes on the prison-industrial complex and how it affects the lives of American men.