Why the British Air Show Disaster Tells Us it’s Time to Think Differently About War

In the wake of a crash at a British Air Show, Glen Poole wonders about our human propensity to go to war, and the ways in which men have been creating evermore inventive ways both to kill people and save people’s lives.

How a Pacifist Teacher Prepares His Students for War

Endless occupations, big government, and the imperial theme—not easy topics for high schoolers. Teacher Jeremy McKeen shares his wish for his grown-up students off at war.

‘Your Country Needs You’: Why did so Many Volunteer in 1914?

Some went willingly, some went reluctantly, some signed up their horses. The volunteer soldiers of World War I.

The Profound Strength of an Unclenched Fist

What Renner Larson’s grandfather, uncle and Dick Van Dyke taught him about masculinity.

What Are You Prepared to Do?

In case of a violent attack, J. A. Drew Diaz says that it’s time to embrace the corollary to the Boy Scout motto: be prepared to fight back.

Man-to-Man With American in Israel Who is Protesting Mandatory National Service

Cooper Fleishman sits down with Moriel Rothman, an American in Israel who will go to jail rather than be forced to join the Israeli Armed Forces.

“Despite all the pacifist wishes in the world, war is sometimes a necessary evil. “

This is a comment by Veteran on the post “What Do Pacifists Do on Memorial Day?”

What do Pacifists do on Memorial Day?

Tom Matlack wrestles with the meaning of Memorial Day for a guy raised by Quakers.

Be a Man: A Faithful Response to Violence

Society tells us that a man fights back, but is that truly the best thing to do?