The Time I Knew a Boy Before He was a Man: On Discovery and Disability

Erin Kelly reflects on an incident in elementary school, and how it helped her discover what a true gentleman and friend is.

Don’t Confuse Your Circumstances with Your Worth

Hard times empower you to be a better version of yourself.

One Man’s Battle With the Addiction of Familiarity Can Help You

Many men are a slave to familiarity, even when they know it harms them.

Five Essential Skills for a Life Well-Lived

There are no do-overs so we may as well get the most out of this ride called life –here are five skills that will help you do just that…

Comment of the Day: ‘Shame is much greater than guilt’

Comment of the Day: ‘Shame is much greater than guilt’

This Generation’s Man Killer

Reality check: your desk job is killing you.

On Being Emotionally Numb

I felt so much, I started to feel nothing.

Comment of the Day: ‘I walked away from mine too.’

The pain that comes from divorce can be difficult for a man to move past.

Take The Hit: Getting Over Your Fear of Rejection

Let’s be frank: rejection hurts. Literally. The pain of feeling rejected, outcast or unwanted is real. But it’s not the pain that makes rejection so difficult… it’s the fear.

A Glimpse of Superman Without His Cape

A young survivor of the Brussels attacks is teaching humanity to re-think what it means to be Superman, onw viewer at a time.

Gay Men are Hitting on Me Now — and I’m Terrified

It has seemed easier, then, to let the gay dreamboats of OkCupid go unanswered than venture into the depths of that pain and insecurity.

A Sister’s Death, A Brother’s Pain

Pain from death is an open wound that constantly bleeds.

Depression Still has a Hold on me

Sam DeSilva gets candid about his inner self talk.

Jealousy & Suffering: Getting Through The Hard Times

There are always going to be tough times. Those times are likely filled with both Jealousy and Suffering. This will help navigate those times. — Most of us deal with jealousy in some form, and when it comes up, it’s never pretty. It might be jealousy when your girlfriend seems interested in someone else, or […]

The Time Traveler

Trying to enjoy the moment, but being reminded of all the heartbreak.

10 Thoughtless Things To Avoid In Your Marriage

Lack of awareness plus lack of thought equals lack of relationship. Steven Lake identifies ten behaviors that put your marriage at risk.