How Anxiety Feels

How Anxiety Feels by sleepdemon

Hannah Gordon takes us inside the anxious mind.

Don’t Panic, White People — Hollywood Hasn’t Changed


Here’s what Deadline got wrong about people of color on TV.

It’s Halloween. Is the Kaci Hickox Witch-Hunt Over?

Kaci H

Ebola is deadly and highly contagious, but not easily transmitted. Fear and panic should not guide public health decisions. Science should.

Rand Paul Should Be Ashamed Of Himself


It’s one thing for regular people to panic over Ebola, but Rand Paul has no excuse to stoke those fears.

Panic Over Ebola Echoes the 19th-century Fear of Cholera


The history of epidemics has a lot to tell us about the acute feelings outbreaks still spark today.

How Panic and Terror Saved My Life


Chris Dierkes recounts the way he met and came to terms with Panic and Terror during the difficult birth of his daughter.

What Happens to Masculinity and Marriage When Unemployment Strikes?

Unemployment Affects Masculinity

Steven Lake Explores the Effects of Unemployment on Masculinity and Marriage. A Survival Story.

To the Lost Little Girl in DC: Watching You Find Your Mom Made My Day

To the Lost Little Girl in DC: Watching You Find Your Mom Made My Day

Watching a lost young girl eventually find her family made Cort Ruddy think about the importance of being able to depend on the kindness of strangers

Fellow Male Survivors, Please Remember We Are One


One of the significant issues with male survivors is that we generally believe we are alone, the only one. In fact, most of us are alone because of the walls of protection we build around ourselves.

My Son Loved His First Year of Preschool. The Second? Not So Much.

MY Son Loved Preschool by author

Aly Windsor wonders when to be the ‘fixer’ and when to leave that to her son.

When Your Guy Friends Do Not Understand Your Mental Health Issues


4 Tips to making living with Mental Health issues easier

On Leaving a Marriage Without Really Knowing Why

The Promise of something better photo by CDNMathTeacher2009

Annie Lalish left a marriage to a good man because she didn’t think she was ready. But what does that even mean?

Working Out Anxiety

weights photo by Jessa

“When I plug into my iPod and grasp the weights it helps me get a grip on life.” Anthony Doubek lifts weights to lower stress.

5 Unexpected Benefits of a 30-Day Exile from Facebook


When Facebook blocked my personal account for 30 days my first reaction was fury, quickly followed by panic.

Living With Agoraphobia


Nathan Daniels has a reason to avoid places where he might feel trapped. But he also has a reason to want to change.

Mindfulness Sucks


Craig Playstead tries hard to “be in the moment”. But for that, you need to have presence of mind. And sometimes that seems like…well…never.