How Did You Prepare to Be a Dad and Other Questions You Never Thought You’d Be Asked…Part II

Last week, Lynn Wicker covered the preparation dads need to face to make it through the earlier years of parenting. This go-round, tweens and teens are the topic.

Finding the Power to Dream Again

Something quiet roars within our being, reminding us there is something greater, something more. I have lived nearly three and a half decades now and have witnessed many personal dreams crash and burn, as many other people have seen in their own lives. I have watched as precious dreams faded off into wherever they go, passed on […]

Counter Clockwise

Telaina Eriksen recalls the surreal, backwards feeling that many of us felt on 9/11.

Chimney Swifts

Seldom does one see a coming-of-age story as stark and as inventive as Marc Frazier’s award-winning poem.

Letter to My Daughter

Joy Ladin captures both a parent’s love and a sense of deep loss in this villanelle.

A Father Speaks on Her Gender Transition

Author, professor, and parent Joy Ladin speaks on her transition from male to female and how it has made her think about what it really means to be “a woman.”

BOTS Daddy-Daughter Debate Will Make You and Your Girl Closer

A lack of natural synchronicity between fathers and daughters doesn’t mean either party is not a priority to the other. The simple answer to an improved relationship lies in intentional communication.


A veteran father strategizes how to communicate with his ill child in Randy Brown’s sweet and unsettling poem.

What Would You Want Your Kids to Say About You in Stories to Their Kids?

What kind of dad—nay; what kind of person will I be? And how will I show who I am to my children?

The Gift

Christmas morning provides the occasion for this poignant and vaguely disturbing poem about the sometimes convoluted relationships between mothers and sons.

Empty Nest

Tom Mallouk’s speaker reaches out in sympathy to the mother of his grown child in this emotionally impactful poem.

Three Ingredients for the Care and Feeding of Your Teenager

Your teen is more likely to make positive decisions if they have a strong, positive relationship with you as their parent. Forging that bond is easier than you think.

How to Date as a Single Parent

We may inadvertently use our kids as a relationship shield once we’ve felt the pain of a split. Learn to date as a single parent… you are worthy of love.

A Little More Conversation

DiaryDad’s kids are ready to be part of the conversation; now if only he could see that. I blew it with my kids the one night a little over a year ago… The worst part about it is that I didn’t realize it until after I had started to get mad at them for a situation that […]

How That Old Black Accordion Connected Me to My Dad

How a simple black accordion could bond two men who both had a lot to learn about connection.

One more… (This one is about Men’s Health)

DiaryDad shares a story about a “one more” that never was, and why it has changed his outlook on Men’s Health. — The first time I participated in Movember I had some interest in Men’s issues, but mostly I participated because it gave me a “legitimate” excuse to mess around with my facial hair. 4 years ago however […]