After Years of Separation, All This 85-Year Old Man Wanted Was to See His Daughter Again (Video)

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Bert is an 85-year old man who said his only wish was to see his daughter again, “before [he] goes.”

it gets better, by halves


A creative and disturbing piece from Sean Patrick Mulroy on childhood, neglect, and silence.

Mirror Boys


Bryan Borland honors his husband and anticipates their future son in this breathtaking poem. This is how you write a love poem.

Damnation by Firelight


Using the unassuming structure of the prose poem, Jim Churchill-Dicks presents a disturbing, emotionally-charged moment between father and son.

Parents: “Good Enough” is the New “Having It All”


Aaron Gouveia thinks parents are setting the bar too high, and that real happiness is having enough.

Tears of Our Fathers

at-home dad, sahd, stay at home dad, dad, father, conference, parenting, convention

This past October the 18th Annual At-Home Dads Convention was held. It was a success. Here is Dad on the Run’s take on the experience.

Why Divorcing a Family Member Might Be an Act of Unconditional Love

unconditional love

Compassion for yourself and unconditional love go hand in hand.

Raise a Kid You Would Like to Have a Drink With

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Jeff Hay thinks parents should lead by example—and that you can learn a lot about a person from the way they handle a bar stool.

11 Unconventional Lullabies Dads Should Sing to Their Kids

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Are you looking for some new material at lullaby time? Jeff Bogle has got you covered!

Long Live Rock: A Dad, on Being the Front Man to a Much Smaller Band

Long Live Rock photo by restless globe trotter

Andy Koehn never made it as a rock star. And that’s a really really good thing.

Parenting on a Budget or the Lack Thereof

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You can’t buy happiness, and I’m not one to put a price on it; however, I am open to leasing options. For the children.

A Call to Feminist Dudes


Edwin Lyngar puts out a call to arms to all feminist men, whether or not they look the part.

Dear John: Bad Dad Wants Back Into Their Lives


A father who left wants back into his daughters’ lives, a once violent boyfriend when he drank, and a foul-mouthed, angry little league father.

Dad and Daughter Film Last Dance Together at Her Wedding Before He Died of Cancer (Video)


This is love.

“There is nothing worse than being a NICU parent, but there is nothing greater than being one who is blessed and lucky enough to take your child home.”


These are comments by Harley, Samara, and Mark on the post “There Are No Gender Politics in the NICU – Baby With a ‘Bucket List’”.

“I was standing in the kitchen, my daughter wrapped in a blanket and rocking against my naked chest.”


What’s YOUR parental baptismal story?