Why Hugs Don’t Heal


Drama was her life growing up. Nothing prepared her for raising boys.

Perfection In Parenting: A Good Dad Will Fail


You can’t be a parent and not fail. Admitting those mistakes doesn’t make you a failure. It makes you human.

How Guilt Over Your Divorce Cripples Good Parenting

How Divorce by HartwigHKD

Joel Phillips offers five proven ways to escape from the trap of permissive post-divorce parenting.

The 10 Signs That Your Child Is A Brat

Is your child a brat

Today’s parents need help. Are we raising a generation of brats? Gene Del Vecchio tells us.

Accidental Lessons I Learned From My Father


A thank you from a daughter to a father.

My 5 Biggest Fears as a Divorced Parent


#1: Has divorce ruined love for me?

Goodnight Moon


Equal parts lullaby and elegy, James Arthur’s poem is for children present and past.

The House After She’s Gone


Lynn Marie Houston brings us one man’s moment of vulnerability and one woman’s responding compassion.

10 Ways Children Of Divorce See Love and Marriage Differently


So … you’re in love with a child of divorce, are you?

Why We Need to Stop “Having Babies”


 Making babies is the easy part. What comes next is what makes a parent. — How many times have you heard friends or family make the announcement, “We are having a baby”? This is a cute and standard statement. I am sure my wife and I are guilty of uttering those words too. However, when […]

A Sunday Walk with Father


Todd Davis draws tight parallels between the world of trees and the world of humans.

Touch: A Letter to Mother


L. Lamar Wilson writes of a gay son, an ill mother, and their deeply felt intimacy.

When You Need To Protect Your Children From The Other Parent


If you feel your child is in danger at the hands of the other parent, you need to speak up.

Mater, Maritatus


Dakota Garilli writes of boys, their mothers, and “how we learn /of love.”



Jan Clausen’s remembrance of her father reminds us that memory is complex and grief is never linear.

Watching Apocalypse Now


Michael Frizell writes of Vietnam and the father who was there.