How to Date as a Single Parent

We may inadvertently use our kids as a relationship shield once we’ve felt the pain of a split. Learn to date as a single parent… you are worthy of love.

A Little More Conversation

DiaryDad’s kids are ready to be part of the conversation; now if only he could see that. I blew it with my kids the one night a little over a year ago… The worst part about it is that I didn’t realize it until after I had started to get mad at them for a situation that […]

How That Old Black Accordion Connected Me to My Dad

How a simple black accordion could bond two men who both had a lot to learn about connection.

One more… (This one is about Men’s Health)

DiaryDad shares a story about a “one more” that never was, and why it has changed his outlook on Men’s Health. — The first time I participated in Movember I had some interest in Men’s issues, but mostly I participated because it gave me a “legitimate” excuse to mess around with my facial hair. 4 years ago however […]

Engraved in My Memory

A heart touching reflection by Grecia Jara on losing a parent.

My Father, Recovering from Brain Injury

Andrea Potos challenges the assumption that the lives of the elderly matter less as she considers a complicated relationship with a complicated father.

3 Things I Will Teach My Future Son About Dating

If Jordan Gray has a son, these are the three essential things that he would want him to know.

Invisible Darkness

Laura Foley captures the pain of being a mother unable to help an adult son in this stark poem.

I Walked 1,400 Miles After My Son Died and Finally Forgave Myself

Barry Adkins walked 1,400 miles to speak in different schools about his loss of a son due to binge drinking. But the walk itself showed him so much – forgiveness, grief, and moving forward.

Three Things a Parent Can Do to Help Boys Thrive in School

Parents – here are the steps to help your young men succeed academically.

red moon rising

Just in time for the full lunar eclipse, Randy Brown presents a father-daughter moment beneath a “blood moon.”

The Apostle of Wax and Shine

Lois Roma-Deeley remembers an Italian-American father, his Lincoln, and the magic they evoked.

In the Name of the Father

A boy crosses the threshold to manhood in Joy Ladin’s poem, but he’s not the only one who has changed.

Why Hugs Don’t Heal

Drama was her life growing up. Nothing prepared her for raising boys.

Perfection In Parenting: A Good Dad Will Fail

You can’t be a parent and not fail. Admitting those mistakes doesn’t make you a failure. It makes you human.

How Guilt Over Your Divorce Cripples Good Parenting

Joel Phillips offers five proven ways to escape from the trap of permissive post-divorce parenting.