A Dad Turns His Forever Love For His Daughter Into a Book

Panda dad

Mike Ang became inspired by a singular parenting moment and wanted to leave a legacy for his daughter that said “a daddy’s love lasts forever.” So he wrote a book.

The Day a 10-Year Old Held His Dad’s Hand


The act was a simple one. It was an impromptu gesture. But for this dad, it moved his world and awakened his heart with a moment he would savor forever.

A Gay Dad Rages Against a Pennsylvania High School’s Anti-Gay Day Bigotry


Sean O’Donnell was uncomfortable with the prejudices of an Indiana Pizzeria. When bigotry hit a Pennsylvania, his blood boiled over. This time it was hitting too close to his own kids. Here is what he is going to do about it.

Announcing the Best Hair Styles by Dads in 2015! These are Stunning!

3 braid

Greg Wickeherst was the dad in a viral story. In it, he as a single dad went to cosmetology school just to learn how to do his daughter’s hair. Now with his new expertise, he announces the winner of a contest he ran: the best hairstyle by a dad in 2015 (so far)!

A Dad Goes to Work in Our Cartoon of the Week!

heartstrings trailer

Before he was a dad, Charles used to go to work without a second thought. Now, it apparently requires a medical procedure of sorts.

A Dad’s Message to Kids With Scars: Love the Bookmarks to Your Life Story


Josh Misner was moved by the story of Carter Gentle, a boy who was devastated when he saw the scars left by his open-heart surgeries. Here is Josh’s message for Carter and all kids with scars.

A Dad Sounds Off About His Emotional Child


A burst of feelings can be tough to deal with, especially when they come from your kid. This dad shares his own feelings about his son’s emotional outbursts.

A Dad’s Best Friend, the Snake


Here are the 5 parenting lessons Brian Anderson learned from a snake, and how it taught him to be a better dad.

Our Dads and Families Cartoon of the Week!


Boys in the burbs weigh in as Indiana and Arkansas almost pass horrific anti-LGBT laws. Jury is still out on what they did pass.

Boy Or Girl? 5 Reasons My Wife And I Aren’t Finding Our Baby’s Sex Early

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Garrett Imeson wants you to know the five reasons he does not want to know the sex of his un-born child before its birth. You will have to agree with reason #5. It is a show stopper.

66 Ways to Know a Dad


One evening Justine Solot looked over at her husband, the dad to her kids, and realized she knew him. She really, really knew him. Here are the 66 ways.

A Dad Takes a Moment With the “Measuring Wall” and Discovers Life’s Truths


Mathew Lajoie makes marks on a wall as his kids grow. Recently he stared at the wall and it gave back some profound insights.

A Gay Dad Tells Dolce and Gabbana: Time for a New Vision


Gay dad Rob Watson was floored last week, as were many LGBT parents, to hear gay icons Dolce and Gabbana use words like “synthetic” and without a “supernatural sense of belonging” to describe their families. He offers misters D & G a new set of glasses.

A Dad Gives His Daughter the Legacy of Strength


Lisanne Rogers credits her dad for teaching her to compete in a rousing game of shuffleboard. Ultimately, it turns out, he taught her so much more.

You Might Be an ADHD Parent If…

ADHD parent

From one parent with ADHD to all the others… 14 hilarious signs that you are easily distracted.

A Dad Loses His Battle in the War Against Swearing


It was a frosty morning and a father was about to face his Waterloo against swearing. He was going down. Here’s what happened.