Why Moms are to Blame for Babies Saying “Dada” First

Why Moms are to Blame for Babies Saying “Dada” First

Dave Lesser has his own theory regarding why babies often say one parent’s name long before the other

17 Signs That Your Home Might Be Infested with Kids

17 Signs That Your Home Might Be Infested with Kids

Cort Ruddy has assembled a list of 17 sure-fire ways you can tell if your house might be crawling with children

Call for Submissions: Marriage and Parenthood

parenting, marriage, relationships

We want to hear from you about how you balance your marriage and your kids.

Get Back to Work: The Paternity Leave Dilemma

Get Back to Work: The Paternity Leave Dilemma

Sean Singleton argues that the pressure to return to work can cause many men to miss out on the most precious weeks of their child’s life

1,000 Words for 1,000 Days

together newborn photo by Mike Crider

Mike Crider’s twin girls are almost 1,000 days old. And he has a few words for them.

Fatherhood: To Be Calm When You’ve Found Something Going On

Fatherhood: To Be Calm When You've Found Something Going On

Vijay Mann reflects on the birth of his first child, marveling at the impact his young son has already had on how he views the world around him

it gets better, by halves


A creative and disturbing piece from Sean Patrick Mulroy on childhood, neglect, and silence.

Why Parenthood is the Manliest Show on Television

From the set of Parenthood

Shadley Grei thinks men should overlook the tear-stained stigma of NBC’s family drama and watch it actually explore the real struggles of modern men.

Fatherhood Shines On The Small Screen


Jeff Bogle argues that TV shows like NBC’s “Parenthood” are making huge strides in changing the ways in which dads are portrayed on television

Kermet and The Purple Car

purple taurus photo by greggjerdingen

Kermet Apio would do anything for parenthood. Even buying a purple 96T-Dub.

Babies And the Rebirth of Men


I wasn’t ready to be with a baby. I didn’t understand the rhythm of it. What was the beginning, middle, and end of this task?

“Mom, Why is Everyone Here White?” What My Son Knows About Race That I Didn’t

rebecca carroll crop

Rebecca Carroll was adopted by white parents, and saw the world through their eyes. Now, as the mother of a son who is black, she is seeing the reality of race in a whole new way.

Damnation by Firelight


Using the unassuming structure of the prose poem, Jim Churchill-Dicks presents a disturbing, emotionally-charged moment between father and son.

Marriage, Motherhood and Men


Ann O’Leary on how best to address the surge of women having babies outside of marriage and raising children on their own.



R.G. Evans shows us how the seemingly simple questions our children ask us can set off a whole train of complicated associations.

Why I Followed My Wife Around the World (More Than Once)

travel around the world with you photo by camerakarrie

Jon Magidsohn has moved his house, business and family to follow his wife around the world. Four times. Here’s why that is part of the new norm.