The Legacy of Dad’s Minestrone Soup

With him forever, my dad’s minestrone soup holds the secrets to who he is. It is indelible, much like his fingerprints, or heartbeat, but a mystery I cannot unravel.

My Kids Have Left the Nest, but Has My Role as a Dad Changed?

Matt Sweetwood thought when his kids left home, his role would change. It turns out — not so much.

Mom Encourages Her Son’s Creative Interests in Makeup

Letting a child be themself is a sign of a truly loving parent.

Some Men Are Childless, Happy And Not Ashamed To Admit It

Dr. Elwood Watson doesn’t have kids, doesn’t want them and does not care what your opinion is on the matter.

Postpartum Depression. How to Dads Can Help.

Next week’s dad workshop will cover the subject of Postpartum Depression. Julian Redwood will be presenting how dads can help. He gives a preview and asks for input.

A Dad of Five Discusses the Pros and Cons of Sending His Kids to College

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Meet Ground-Breaking Transgender Parents

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For Dads on Talking to Their LGBT Children….While They Are Still Children

Many dads have found graceful acceptance when their teen or adult child comes out them as LGBT. What happens when it occurs when your child — is still a child? Dr. Jenifer O’Ryan gives guidance.

A Dad of a Daughter Sees Himself as Her Own Special Military, Her Special Forces for Life

Kyle Weckerly knows he can’t prepare for all he will endure as his daughter’s dad. But, he is proud to serve even when this happens.

Four Powerful Ways Dads Can Create a Culture of Gratitude For Their Kids

The most impactful lessons our kids learn are those they observe in our own attitudes and behaviors. Make it a habit to practice gratitude.

Changing the World: One Vasectomy at a Time

World Vasectomy Day allows men to celebrate their families and their role in family planning. And yes, this is changing the world.

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A new mother writes a heartfelt Thank You letter to her loving husband.

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Quentin Lucas discusses the value in abortion jokes.

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Toby Nwazor wants to be a great dad. Here are the lessons he learned from his dad which may get him there.

A Gay Dad is Ready for the Fight, But is He Prepared for — Acceptance?

It was Sean O’Donnell’s first Fathers Day, and it was going to be in public. He was ready to fight for his right to be himself in this society. But what if he met no resistance?

A Dad Announces the Top Five Halloween Movies All Teens Should See

Dad Jeremy Barnes of Thirsty Daddy thinks teens watching movies on Halloween is a good thing. Here are his top five recommendations that give a little substance to their scares.