Eye-opening Scientific Facts About Raising Children Every Dad Should Know

There might still be more art than science to raising healthy children, but science can be useful. And it can have long-lasting, positive effects on your children.

Morning Thoughts on a Bittersweet Day

How have I started to fail at fatherhood, when it is the one thing I cherish the most, the one thing I have been doing the longest, the one thing that makes sense?

Top 10 Reasons Being a Dad Rocks

John White’s family means everything to him. They rock his world and here are the 10 top reasons why.

Wanted: Superhero for my Children!

I strive to teach my son about superheroes, and they are not professional football players. They are men who return love to diffuse hate.

The Struggle is Real: Difficult Children

How should we raise our spirited children, our children that we know present a greater challenge to our parenting skills?

Why My Son’s Father Will Always Come First

My son’s father will come first because without him, we wouldn’t have our son.

17 Incredible Moments When Dad Saved the Day

Dads are hard rocking superheroes.

The Unlikely Origins of Modern Mommy Shaming: The Health Movement of the 1970s

Striving to be an Earth Mother Goddess isn’t particularly liberating. We seem to have replaced Doctor God with an equally demanding deity: Mother Nature.

#33: 10 Reasons Why Glastonbury & Parenthood Are The Same

It could be your baby screaming the house down or the early morning sun turning your tent into a sweat-den after a late night at Shangri-La, but sleep isn’t happening either way.

This Week’s Dad Conversations Were All Heart

Our recap of the conversations we had this week to inspire and celebrate the best in dads.

Truths to Hold Dear – A Letter to My Son

 I adore you, and there is nothing you could possibly do to change that.

A Gay Dad Sounds Off on His “Religious Freedom” Facebook “Friends”

Sean O’Donnell is taking a serious look at who it is that gets to comment on his life, his loves and his family. If you don’t like it, feel free to “de-friend” him.

A Dad Decides What He Wants to Be For His Son

Matthew wants his son to be the best man possible. He knows that influencing who his son will be starts with knowing who Matthew wants to be for him.

A Father, Son, and the Ocean

For Hawaiian Wai Sallas, surfing and life are intertwined. He tried to share that experience with his son, and found that life and surfing can sometimes be fickle.

A Dad’s Message to Super Hero Parents: the Future Needs Your Kick-Ass Kids

Dear parents: You may be a superhero. Don’t be scared. We believe in you. This dad shows you how to put on your cape and show your kids how to save the world.

For Dads, It Has Been a Profound Week of Gifts

The Good Men Project conducts the significant conversation that needs to be had about men in our society. Here are the poignant issues we covered this week, not just about men, but dads specifically.