A Daughter Inherited Her Dad’s Deadly Food Allergies and Gained Her Greatest Lifelong Hero


Allie Bahn and her dad have food allergies in common. To protect his little girl, her dad risked his own well-being by sampling all her food first. Here is their story.

When Did Play Get So Nice?


Would children be better off without adult-imposed rules, limiting their play?

The Ever Present Phenomenon of Stay-At Home Dads


Stay-at-home dads increased in a sluggish economy demanding creative daycare solutions. The result bred fathers, who today are reluctant to sacrifice time with their children.

We Love the Outdoors. We Hate Poison Ivy. With Tecnu Extreme, it’s No Worries All the Way.

outdoor land

Active families need active solutions to the inevitable encounters with poison ivy.

The Heart of the Home With ‘The Cook at Home Dad’: Grilled B.L.T. Salad

grilled salad

In a bid to get children to eat healthier, ‘The Cook At Home Dad’ shares tips and recipes he creates for and with his kids.

The Artist and the Bully


“Nobody’s Special!” The Bully poured these words over a student at my daughter’s school. Tears marched down her cheeks and into her soul.

My Child Is Special Needs, For Now


Roberto Santiago comes to grips with labeling his daughter born with a cleft palate as being ‘special needs’.

Call For Submissions: Grandfathers and Former Stay-at-Home Dads

gmp gf

If you are a grandfather, or a former stay-at-home dad, we would love to share your story. Not a writer? No problem, we would love to interview you!

Three Tips From A Working Father For Achieving Work/Life Balance

dad works

After leading a parenting group at work, Joe DeProspero discovered three great tips to help balance family and career.

The Child, the Monster, and the Adult in Me

scared little boy

In my quietest moments, my monster, my child, and my adult all feel that this might work.

The Business of Co-Parenting: A Mindset Shift That Changes the Game


There is a way to parent together without the drama.

Dad Sunday Cartoon of the Week – the Real Courage of Fatherhood

gmp brave white suit trailer

Dad in the burbs has found a new definition for bravery.

My Dear Son, About Those Aliens In Your Head


A father gives his son six ways to drown out the voices of doubt and fear.

Does it Take a Village to Raise the Child or are Dads the Ones to Uplift the Village?


Dr. Kwame Brown looks at the proverbial village. Does it need our help more than we need anything from it?

8 Pictures Guaranteed To Make Parents Laugh Every Time


They’re funny ‘cause they’re true.

Day Zero – The Birth Days


In the hospital, just before his twin boys were born, Sam Avery said he should have been petrified, but he actually felt quite calm.