Why I Can’t Be My Childrens’ Friend Right Now

It’s more important while they’re young to protect them and instill values.

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A tenuous relationship with her step-father inspired a then seventh grader to daydream about who she wanted to take his place.

We Made It: Reflections on My Divorce

While confident in my decision to end my marriage, I was nonetheless wracked with guilt and uncertainty.

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A stay-at-home dad for 15 years reflects on his journey and what has ultimately made him happy in life.

You Don’t Need Balance–You Need Rhythm

Linda Quarles doesn’t want balance in her life because no matter how she cuts it, balance sounds tedious, exhausting, and virtually unattainable.

Want to be a Good Dad? Don’t Stop Trying

If you’re worried about how to better your dad skills, you’re probably already a rockstar dad. But this Annual Dad’s Conference is a great way to keep growing.

An Open Letter to Sh*tty Husbands

Why do we leave our spouses alone in a marriage built for two?

Do a Single Mother’s Children Make Her Less Attractive?

Why would the “new guy” be scared of fathering another man’s children? — Once upon a time, I was on Twitter lamenting about not finding love. I was saying how I attract emotionally unavailable men. Out of nowhere, this dude that I have never interacted with comes along and replies: “Children scare men.” It took […]

Comment of the Day: ‘Men can get in touch with their inner selves and women can supervise a construction crew.’

This post was by Larry Tiejema on the post “A Dad-to-Be Was Praying to Have a Girl, Until He Opened His Eyes”.

Daughters Have Found Their Voice in the “For Love of Men” section

Did you have your dad wrapped around your finger?

5 Things to Know About Single Dads During and After Divorce

Whether you are dating a single dad or co-parenting with one, it’s important to understand who they are and be comfortable allowing them to own their identity.

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Becky L McCoy on valuing your child’s honesty, surrounding yourself with healthy relationships, and other ways to raise a mentally and emotionally well child.

Parenting In The Winter Is All About Surviving The Snot


Dad Sunday Funnies

He’s laughing, he must be having fun right? Right?

That Time When Screaming at My Son Was the Best Thing I Could do for Both of Us

Sometimes, when a Thursday is a Monday in disguise, a mother gets so frustrated she just has to let it all out.

Call for Submissions – Who is Your Hero?

Who are the men that inspire you, have changed your life or the lives of others?