10 Things I’ve Learned From My Boys

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Emma Lawson Shares Lessons Children Unknowingly Teach Parents

The Third Child: Yes, I’m Ready to Go!

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How to prepare for another child, by Torsten Klaus. Step 1: relax, and enjoy.

10 Lessons in Happiness (For Your Kids)


Jennifer Oradat of Mom Babble has a radical new approach to parenting – and it’s not about the parent.  — I had an epiphany the other day. It was a terrifying moment of clarity that made my palms sweat and my heart race. Suddenly one of my long-term goals as a parent didn’t seem so, […]

It Takes a Village (Whether You Want It to or Not)


My child has many teachers. Some of their voices need to be drowned out.

Memorial Day & Summer: The Dads & Families Podcast Episode 64


The Summer is shaping up! Keep your little one’s protected!

Moms! We Need to Check Our Mother Bear Privilege!


Moms are agressively confronting men for talking to children. In a world of engaged parenting by fathers, this is doubly destructive.

We Don’t Fight Poverty Anymore

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Forget safety nets; if parents can’t buy their way out of economic harm, their kids lose – a lot.

How to Move Through the Grief of a Miscarriage

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Talking about a miscarriage is almost taboo – but recovery begins with honest conversation.

What I Learned About Love From Letting My Son Have a Mohawk

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“How could you give your son a Mohawk?” one even gasped, as though I was encouraging him to play with matches. “Why not?” I shrugged. “It’s his hair.”

Camping and the Stories that Make Us


One weekend, four people, one tent. Family camping. Do I need to say more?

Dad Sunday Cartoon Takes on the “Baby Sitting” Comment !

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It is meant as a compliment, but Boys in the Burbs have a slightly different reaction to being told they baby sit well.

Why Don’t We Prepare Men for Fatherhood?

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We invest a lot in preparing women for motherhood. Men deserve the same joy and engagement preparing for their roles.

How to Make Divorce Easier on Your Kids

How to by Matt Preston

Divorce can hit your kids hard. These four tips from Jenny Kanevsky—who is in the process with her two boys—can help your kids fare better during challenging times.

Parenting: It’s Just Another Day at the Beach


Eric Stary is determined to get his family to the beach, even if he must first travel through the seven circles of parenting hell.

Dad Cartoon of the Week Takes On Amazon Moms!

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A key program at Amazon.com for new parents is called “Amazon Moms.” Many Stay at Home Dads would like the company to end its gender bias. Boys in the Burbs raise their voices here.

10 Things Kids Need When Parents Divorce

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While you are moving through your emotional pain, you also need to remember that your children did nothing to cause your divorce and therefore should be shielded from your “animosity” towards one another.