What I’m Tired Of Hearing As A Mom Of Three Boys

Yes, my boys can be rowdy and naughty; but they can also be quiet and gentle. The thing is, society never sees that.

Dad Sunday Funnies

The thing about those warehouse membership stores—

Comment of the Day: ‘I have no doubts my son looked at porn’

Is it really “too controlling” to discourage your kids from looking at porn?

The Life of a Bipolar Dad

Yesterday Kevin Hall shared about his challenge with Cancer. That was nothing compared to dealing with his bipolar disorder. He tells us why.

How to Play Princesses Like a Man

This isn’t some throwing a touchdown pass to win the game or a homerun in the bottom of the ninth issue, this is important.

Boys Will Be Boys…Until We Teach Them To Be More

It’s a striking truth that as the leader of the house goes, so goes the son (or sons). The pressure is on us as parents to model what we hope our sons will grow up to understand.

Father and Daughter Pancake Sunday

A perfect Sunday morning.

I Thought I Could Love My Son Through His Trauma, But It Wasn’t Enough!

Foster parent Mike Berry reminds us that sometimes raising children requires more than love.

Take Off the Man Glasses

Sean Swaby wears man glasses and they do strange things to his vision.

Dad Cartoon of the Week

When the broadening of perspectives isn’t always a good thing.

Learning To Let My Daughters Learn The Hard Way

In an effort to raise capable kids, it seems like I’m the one that needs to learn the most.

20 Life Lessons I’ve Learned as a Man and Father

Thomas Hocknell dispenses hard-won wisdom gained on the path of manhood.

The Power of a Man’s Mind

There is a difference between thinking you can do something and making a decision to do it.

How Does a Dad Talk to a Four-Year-Old About Sex?

“You did WHAT to mommy?”

Foreskin Wars: Why is the United States so Addicted to Circumcision?

As the 2012 American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) circumcision policy receives further volleys of grapeshot, a new question arises: Why do we need a policy on circumcision at all?

China In Your Hand: A Humble Warrior Podcast

Chris Forte is back from China and shares his trip with us in this touching podcast.