Adrian Peterson, Child Abuse, And Why It Doesn’t Matter If That’s How You Were Raised

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People who were raised with corporal punishment and say “But I came out just fine” are wrong, writes Aaron Gouviea. Those people did not turn out “just fine” because they still think that using weapons against a child and beating them bloody is acceptable behavior.

The Greatest Gift of Fatherhood


Blogger Jim Lunsford was blown away by the gift of fatherhood and how it up-ended his previous post-apocalyptic and cynical world-view. Here is how his view changed so dramatically.

What She Taught Me


Even though he’s never had a conversation with his Mother, Mark MacDonald is eternally grateful for all she has taught him.

“You Don’t Tell Your Friends You Have Two Dads?!”


Writer Ian Colvin was shocked at the answer his son gave to the simple question, “Do you tell your friends you have two dads?” and then he found out the reason why.

21 Tweets: “Why We Don’t Spank Our Kids”


For an ever increasing number of dads and moms, spanking their kids is not an option. Here are 21 good reasons why.

When Do You Stop Cutting the Crust?

When Do You Stop by Connie Ma

Tor Constantino tries to be ‘dadmirable’ with sandwiches, balancing disappointment and teachable moments for his kids.

Why America’s Culture of Shame is Killing Us


Put an end to shaming by doing one beautifully simple thing.

The 7 Queerest Questions I’ve Been Asked as a Gay Dad

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Brent Almond always imagined himself as a father, but he never imagined being asked questions quite like these.

Lessons from the T-Ball Front: Your Son Doesn’t Need to “Just Suck It Up”


For Justin Ricklefs, coaching his son’s t-ball team reinforces the importance of gentle and compassionate leadership

Raising Compassionate Boys: Compassion for Ray Rice

Ray Rice

For the sake of his sons, Kozo Hattori challenges himself to find compassion for Ray Rice.  ___ My first reaction to the TMZ video of Ray Rice knocking out his then-fiancée was not only horror and alarm, but also fear and compassion for Janay Palmer, specifically, and all women, in general. I have no doubt […]

Growing Up With My Daughter


Jon Vaughn shares the story of the remarkable relationship between he and his daughter, despite growing up in different ways.

There Are Only Two Kinds of Dads—Chickens or Pigs


Tor Constantino thinks good dads should be more like pigs than chickens.

Parenting: It Doesn’t Happen Overnight

Parenting: It Doesn’t Happen Overnight

While speaking to a journalist, Adrian Millar explained how becoming a confident, loving stay-at-home dad takes more work than one might think.

One and a Half Men

One and a Half Men by Charlie Groves

Full-time dad and part-time mom Charlie Groves is giving 150%.

One Little Boy’s Fear of A Wheelchair


Saying good-bye to fear is never easy.

Dear Son, This Is The Hardest Letter I Have Ever Written…

Dear Son, This Is The Hardest Letter I Have Ever Written...

Dave Kelly is not looking forward to the day he has to explain his brain tumor to his young son.