Expert Offers Solutions For Children’s Nightmares


Are your kids’ nightmares keeping you up at night?

Louie C.K., Netflix & Road Trips: The Dads & Families Podcast Episode 59


Netflix, road trips, and sick kids. It’s “Parenting 101″.

How I Became an Unintentional Serial Dater

dining alone

One man’s trials while seeking an exclusive relationship in the ocean of online dating.

Ultimate Star Wars Fan Boy Moment


Colin was a bit concerned about becoming a Jedi and how it might conflict with the ideals of marriage, George Lucas responded!

4 Steps to Successful Co-Parenting for Divorced Dads (and Moms)


Co-Parenting and working with the person you divorced is hard. Here are 4 practical tips to make the road less bumpy.

What is the Best Way to Respect Parents?


Treating parents just as parents can be the best and the only respect some children can give.

5 Reasons We Become Parents

5 Reasons by Shane Adams

Mike Berry writes from the heart about why we have kids.

Are Boys Just Wired to Treat Girls Differently?

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A mother observes her son’s behavior and ponders the nature/nurture question.

A Simple Shift to Make Your Marriage Better

A Simple Shift by David Goehring

Quentin Hafner suggests celebrating your spouse with as much enthusiasm as you celebrate your kids.

A Bad-Ass Dad Dilemma: How Do I Teach My Kids to Fight “The Man” When I Am NOW “The Man”?


In his younger days Daniel questioned authority. He was the rebel. Now he is the Dad. How does he stay true to his fighting spirit, and teach his kids how to challenge authority, when that authority is now — him? Here’s how.

Dad-to-Dad Advice: 5 Ways To Deal With Your Kid Coming Out


I thought my daughter was just another moody 15-year-old, but it was something deeper than that.

The Seven Biggest Misconceptions About Stay-At-Home-Dads


The Sunshine Dad has had all sorts of assumptions about his abilities thrown his way. Here are the top seven.

3 Divorced Dads Who Get It Right


Lee Spears on men who have managed to handle child custody, support, and co-parenting with integrity and maturity.

5 Things Awesome Dads Do

5 Things by Scott and Camber

Being an awesome dad doesn’t mean giving your kids everything or jumping through hoops for them.

Five Ways to Embrace Male Anger

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A new approach to anger management for men.

Helpful Tips to Rev Up Reading Comprehension in Children


Reading is Fundamental But You Must Understand It First