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Spanking Gets Results, but They May Not be the Results You Desired

Adults who were spanked are more likely to experience a higher rate of depression, anxiety and drug dependency, more likely to abuse their child or spouse.

3 Lessons I Learned From My Son the Graduate

Teach your children well, and be open to learning from them in return.

Who Was Your Father…Who Are You?

Understanding what it means to be a father is a personal journey. Bruce Linton discusses what it means to separate the complexity of making peace with our fathers, and how to be more emotionally available and connected with our families.

The Wife-Nag Dilemma: What Men Should Know About What She’s Really Saying

SAHM and writer Kristina Hammer breaks down the emotion behind why spouses nag.

Diapers in the Bonneville — My Family’s East Coast Vacation

We all have our family vacation horror stories. They help cement us as a culture. And, this one is mine.

The 7 Stages of Parenting

Coping with each stage of parenting is easy if you keep things simple

Father’s Day – A Call for Submissions

Daddy, Father, Pop, Dad – What kind of relationship have you had?

The Rebirth of Cool—from Boy to Man to Dad

This dad stripped away the tyranny of coolness and finally found—with the wife and boys—his true self.

My Kids Have Questions and ‘Because I Said So’ Isn’t Going to Cut It

5 categories of answers that help kids think for themselves and are almost as easy as ‘because I said so.’

You Aren’t Me, But I’ll Help You Become You

Don’t raise your kids to be exactly like you. Let them find their own path while they explore the world around them

Five Proven Ways to Raise Confident Kids

In this week’s episode of The Good Dad Project Podcast, Larry and Shawn show parents how to impart confidence to their children.

What It Really Feels Like To Be 42 Years Older Than Your Toddler

He’s either gonna be the death of me or the greatest accomplishment of my lifetime.

Tesla Model S – Dad Pranks His Son with Summon

Dad pranked his son with a hidden Go Pro on the dash.

My Dad vs. Pastor Dad

The journey to finding balance and embracing acceptance.

How my Husband Helped Me Fight Postpartum Depression

The unspoken burden of the supportive partner.