Time to Toss the Training Wheels

How to Choose the Right Bike for Your Child

Comment of the Day: ‘You don’t need a woman to be a father’

Single men who want to be fathers can provide a loving home on their own.

Saying ‘I’m Sorry’ Is Not the Same As Apologizing

We’ve been taught to do apologies all wrong. Usually we just make it worse.

When to Tell her You Have Kids

And once she knows, will she run? Will she go cold? Will it be weird?

Co-Parenting: When It Works and When it Doesn’t

Former spouses need to put aside their difference and work together for the benefit of the kids.

How to Respond When Your Child Asks ‘When Will I Die?’

This dad didn’t know his two-year-old was capable of such a question, let alone the language to ask it.

I Won’t Hide My Son’s Epilepsy, Even if My Husband Disagrees with this Approach

I don’t want it to be something of which he’s ashamed.

A Salute to all the Stay-At-Home Dads

Antonella Poggi takes a few minutes to commend all the stay-at-home-Dads, who for the love or beer (or cake) are pioneers for modern families.

What Men REALLY Wish Women Knew About Them

It’s pretty simple really, and it’s not about sex.

I Couldn’t Care Less If My Boys Grow Up To Be Successful

I want them to stand out from a crowd based on their character and inherent goodness, not based on a series of checkmarks on a resume.

Dad Sunday Funnies

Fashion, makes a statement. So, apparently does little Boy in the Burbs.

The Tyranny of the Sex/Gender/Sexuality Binary

The natural world has never conformed to our human notions of “two sides” to everything.

The Four Flaws I Face as a Father

John Wolcott says that fatherhood is a journey and growth comes from the struggle.

3 Ways to Help Our Children Find Beauty in the World

When bad things are happening around us, we can teach our children how to focus on what is good.

The Next Time A Baby Is Crying On Your Plane, Take A Cue From This Guy

If only every passenger on a plane could be this understanding.

What’s the Best Advice Your Father Ever Gave You? Let’s Ask Dad.

Instead of outright advice, sometimes dads model the behavior that we need the most. The Good Men Project video series “Let’s Ask Dad” seeks to glean all the best advice from these dads and from theirs.