Parenting . . . A Day at the Beach

Parenting Day at the Beach

Alex Barnett shares the truth about toddler-parenting: There are no breaks. No timeouts. No commercials. You just go and go and go.

A Dad Asks, ‘Do I Love My Adopted Child as Much as Birth Parents Love Their Kids?’


If a friend told you, “Even you know that an adopted child will never feel the same as one you gave birth to,” what would you say? Here is one dad’s answer.

A 21st Century Father. With a Thoroughly Modern 19-Month-Old


Welcome to 21st century fatherhood. Today’s dads are there with their kids, every step of the way.

Unbelievably Bad Comics: Balanced Meal


Ever wonder what the kids really want for Thanksgiving dinner?

A Lesson for Parents: Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?

a prince

Spoken word artist and social thought leader speaks to the technology age and how it affects relationships.

What This Dad Knows This Thanksgiving, and It is Pretty Profound


This blogger was trying to write deep meaning into his Thanksgiving message, when he found he knew nothing about anything. So he wrote what he did know, and as it turns out, it was the most meaningful thing of all.

I Love Giving Gifts. Excessively. And That’s Ok.


Jeff Bogle finds that with Amex Membership Rewards®, he can just keep on giving.

You Can Never Be Too Close To Your Ex After Divorce


Aaron Kaplan explains that just because you’re no longer married doesn’t mean that you are automatically not a great parent.

How to Be a More Mindful Parent

How to Be a More Mindful Parent

Cliff Hsia offers suggestions on how parents can attempt to be more present and engaged when interacting with their young children.

Pushing Boundaries


A reflection on how our childhood bad habits can follow us and hold us back as adults.

My Journey Into the Spectrum; A Mother’s Visit to a Gay-Straight Alliance Meeting

rainbow mosiac

From supporting her just-out-of-the-closet son, to a group hug with a roomful of self-doubting teens, one mother’s quest to ease the pain of being different.

Happy to Be Homeless: 3 Things We Learned From Living in a Van

Tree and Soleil

What might have been a tragedy turned into an amazing lifestyle of freedom and simplicity.

5 Ways Parents Need to Pull It Together and Be the Grown-Ups


The kids are fine … it’s Mom & Dad who need some tough love!

I’m the Mother. Not the Primary Caregiver Of My Children.


Lina Acosta Sandaal on how to share the load as parents.

Let’s Talk About Sext, Baby

Lets Talk About by Pro Juventute

Lisa Duggan says we should stop shaming our kids for their sexual urges and start acknowledging adolescent sexual desire and encouraging its healthy expression.

Dear Parent: About THAT Kid

that kid

You know those kids…the ones who swear in class or push other kids on the playground. Amy Murray is a teacher who wants to tell you—she knows them too.