Call for Submissions – Gay, Bi, Trans Like Me


It’s time to talk about the “right” way to be gay, or bi, or trans.

The #1 Way to Have a Low Maintenance Relationship


Is a low-maintenance relationship possible? According to Steven Lake, it is not only possible, but preferable.

A Note To The Good Man I Married

lego wedding

Shanna Anderson has a few things her husband needs to know and they can help any blended family.

How Much of Your Past Should You Reveal to Your Teenager?


How do you let your teens know you understand the unique situations they find themselves in without confessing titillating details of your own past?

My Father Never Said I Love You, But I’ll Be Different

me and dad

I realized my father was from a generation that never said those three little words. He was saying he loved me without them. But I didn’t realize it then.

How I Made My Dad Cry


Seeing tears on his father’s face was incentive enough to get John Trybulec to pass Accounnting 101.

Father and Son: a Painful Understanding

Father and Son by Stefanescu

Andy Schulkind explores the complexity of his relationship with his father.



Doug Gertner on grief, love, and his father.

3 Ways to Discipline Your Child More Effectively—and With Love

3 Ways by greg westfall

Ty Phillips shares his simple, practical wisdom for keeping your kids on the right path.

#30: The 12 Different Types of Nappy


Opening your baby’s nappy is like a box of chocolates — you never know what you’re going to get and you’ll probably end up with sticky fingers. My twin boys are 10 weeks old and these are the 12 types of nappy I’ve encountered so far.

Tree of the Apple


Kelly DuMar masterfully captures “the holy moment that saves your life” in this deceptively simple prose poem.

Three Words From Dad That Changed My Life

Three Words from Dad by Barney Moss

Adam Patrick Kindilien knows a father’s advice can be priceless, and he’s grateful for the gift.

What Fathers Really Want For Father’s Day


We want affordable childcare so that our families are not crushed with that expense and also for our wives, who are often paid less, are not forced to choose between their careers and caring for our children.

Three Words to the Most Important Man in My Life


Sebastian Harris learns to say I love you to another man.

Six Gifts Dads Can Give Their Children (Instead of Guns)


A father’s gift, tragically misused, can remind us that Dads can help guide their children’s steps.

I Refuse To Babysit My Children

dads at the park

Shawn Henfling is tired of people calling every dad with his kids a babysitter.