6 Struggles For A Single Dad: Now I Know How Single Moms Feel

If you know a single mom or dad, you can help. Give them a break. Volunteer to watch their kids a couple times a month. Help out with a ride or a healthy meal. And try to have empathy. Put yourself in their shoes before you judge.

How to Speak Truth to Your Children, and then Let It Go and Forgive

Do you lecture your kids? Mike Berry and his wife did, until they found another way to get through–that works!

My Son is Not My Accomplishment

I did not achieve my son. He is the embodiment of my dreams and wishes, but he is not my accomplishment.

An Open Letter to My College-Bound Girl

Tommy Maloney’s bonus daughter is off to college, and he finally tells her the things he never said.

Dear Son, Where Did We Go Right?

Proud parents look back to realize there were 7 core values that helped their son become the man he is today.

What My Arranged Marriage Taught Me About Love, Commitment, And God

How would you do in an arranged marriage? Ramkumar R S shows us what is possible when guided by the divine.

Some Things I Remember

Cabot O’Callaghan is all grown up, but his childhood memories still haunt him.

Unhappily Married: What’s Best for the Kids?

Together or Apart? Karen Young helps you think through an impossible choice.

How a Dad and a Mom Invented a New Toy Idea to Help Inspire Their Boys to Grow Into Good Men

Crissi and Ed were concerned about the hero toys available to their sons, which were not heroic at all. They decided to make their own. Here is what they developed.

Ninjas Speak a Language That Little Boys Understand

When boys play, rescuing good guys from the bad, it doesn’t lead down a path of violent evil because one of them must be the hero .

Help! My Middle Schooler Has Been Kidnapped By Aliens!

Give yourself an edge on parenting tweens by learning about adolescent personality types and you’ll banish those “close encounters of the teenage kind.”

The Ever Present Phenomenon of Stay-At Home Dads

Stay-at-home dads increased in a sluggish economy demanding creative daycare solutions. The result bred fathers, who today are reluctant to sacrifice time with their children.

When Mom is Emotionally Unstable: 7 Ways to Heal

How do you figure out how to be in her presence—have a relationship with her—while not allowing yourself to be sucked into the vortex of her emotions?

7 Signs Your Teen Is Having Difficulty Coping With Divorce

Divorce can be especially tough on teenagers. Here are 7 signs they’re in distress and 7 ways you can help.

When a Dad Finds out His Little Boy is a Born Hero

What he witnessed is what every dad hopes to see in their son, whether they know it or not. — She likes to tease her older brother, and he can’t stand affection. What do you think her greatest weapon is? Yep, hugs, and kisses! She knows very well all she has to do is love […]

How to Unspoil Your Son in 1 Simple Step

In my experience, parents are partly responsible for “creating” sons that are indifferent, lazy or entitled.