‘I Had a King Once’


A story of love for a great man.

What Makes Batman, Batman?


Could you be Batman?

When Dads Reconnect With Their Own Fathers


You have to at least give people the opportunity to change, or nothing changes, and people may miss out on great opportunities to redeem themselves.

Giving Up On Sex


John Kinnear shares a personal story on revamping things in the bedroom – and not in the ways you’d expect.

Do This One Thing And Your Divorce Won’t Harm Your Children


Scared that divorce might damage your kids? Danielle Jacobs gives advice on how to keep things healthy and happy in the house.

Best Mom Ever Writes Incredible Letter To 13-Year-Old Son After He Came Out (Photo)


Arguably, the most important component in the survival of gay teens is the supportive parent. Here, a mother writes a wonderful letter to her newly ‘out’ young son.

4 Ways to Deal With The Child Who Wants You to “Reconcile” With Your Ex

Bride and groom making a toast with champagne

Mandy Walker shows you how to answer your child’s tough questions.

First Plane Rides: Connecting to my Childhood Through My Own Children

5442003971_695c2cc7d7_z (1).jpg

Josh Magill remembers his first plane trip.

The Three Things New Dads Can Do To Get More Sex

new fathers

Studies show that kids drive a stake through the heart of a romantic relationship. Sue Nador has some tips for how to avoid that.

Still Beating Heart


Short, lyrical, and imagistic, Kevin Minh’s poem contains all the compact power of a baby’s heartbeat.

You Are About to Remember


A letter from a father to himself (before he was a dad).

Happy Kids Are Overrated


JD Roberto explains that happiness is more than a moment.

“Because you have kids I’m expected to automatically help with them”


Some dos and don’ts for People Without Kids When Sealing With Breeder Friends

Why You Are Not My Father


Seth Trent’s father was a bastard.

Some Dos and Don’ts for People Without Kids When Dealing With Breeder Friends


“DO volunteer to help out with the kids. Maybe you don’t consider yourself to be ‘a kid person,’ and that’s okay. I don’t consider myself to be ‘a furniture person,’ but I still wouldn’t stand there and watch you move a couch all alone.”

You’re a Good Man. Have We Left You Out?

an appeal

We have a lot of voices on GMP. Is yours getting heard?