Lessons From a Life of Falling Down

David S. Shaw has Parkinson’s, but that’s not why he falls down.

Prince, Heroin and Parkinson’s Disease

The rock legend taught me some things about coping with my disease.

Meatloaf for the Soul

We don’t age alone. This can be both a comfort and a wake up call.

Robin Williams and Mental Health Stigma

Mental illness. Physical illness. Why do we react to and treat them so differently? And what harm does that do?

Bated Breath

David Winner on the rules for oxygen under hospice care and the still moments in his mother’s final days.

When Your Parent Dies

What gifts of care or truth are worthwhile to the dying, and to those left behind?

Alex P. Keaton is Still My Hero

Thirty years after being inspired by a TV character J.R. Reed is inspired by the real life of Michael J. Fox.

A Pound of Cure

To combat his bipolar disorder, Gabi Coatsworth’s son was given a cocktail of mood stabilizers—to disastrous effect.