Fraternity Shakes It Off, Gets Unexpected Fan

One Kentucky fraternity. One four minute uninterrupted take of Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off”. Lawsuit? Nope. Love tweet? Yes.

Bro-ing Out With Don and Tony: Not Enough Women in Expendables 3

Two comedians play Feminist Bros…

If Asian People Said the Stuff White People Say (Video)

White people, I am begging you to stop saying this stupid crap.

Creeped Out By Those Ads For Christian Dating Sites? Watch This Parody

Tripp & Tyler create yet another hilarious parody video – this time poking fun at Christian Dating sites and the Purity Myth.

Video: What if Guys and Girls Switched Roles at the Bar?

What if the guys were the ones who had their butts grabbed, and the girls were the ones who were snubbed at the bar?

Video: Hug Life – It’s a “Wifebeater” Tank Top Revolution!

The term “wifebeater” to refer to a tank top encourages violence against women, so Jaime Rothbard suggests a new term: “She Hugger”