Rock Briscoe in…The Pollen Ultimatum!

rock briscoe detail

What do you get when you cross seasonal allergies, cruddy jingoistic movies, and cruddier sexist comic books? Briscoe. Rock Briscoe.

We’ll Always Be Royals: An Ode to Kansas City


Spring training is just around the corner and Michael Amity has a poem for his favorite small market team, with apologies to Lorde.

Everybody Loves Grease, Including These Marines

Go greased lightning, you're burning up the quarter mile...

In the midst of a serious job, these Swedish Marines took a little time to go Greased Lightning.

Awesome Sesame Street Video: Lord of the Crumbs

Sesame Street, lord of the rings, lord of the crumbs, cookie monster, video

When Sesame Street met Lord of the Rings a wonderful thing happened. They got crumbs everywhere.

What You Look Like When You Argue on the Internet (Video)

internet argument

Watch this hilarious clip from UK’s ‘Dead Parrot’ before firing up another flame war.

Write Your Own Rock Star Memoir

rock star memoir

A quick guide to your own celebrity tell-all.

Famous Paintings Animated (VIDEO)

elegant gentlemen

Australian comedy show’s hysterical take on art history.

The Dead Guy Interviews: Genghis Khan (VIDEO)

dead-guy-interviews two

Our ‘Digital Madness’ columnist, Michael Stusser, talks to the father of a quarter of the planet.

The Dead Guy Interviews: Sigmund Freud (VIDEO)

dead guy interviews

Our ‘Digital Madness’ columnist, Michael Stusser, talks to the father of psychoanalysis.

“I’m a Daddy and I Know It” — The Sing-Along Parody

Im a daddy and I know it

Hilarious parody video of “I’m Sexy and I know it”!

It’s a MAD Era of Humor, Satire, Stupidity and Stupidity

60 Years of MAD Magazine

Iconic magazine still relevant as it makes fun of itself and sixty years of pop culture

A Musical About Mark Zuckerberg

Screen Shot 2012-05-15 at 9.18.09 PM

I guess you know you’ve arrived when three beautiful women sing about your life while a guy in a tuxedo narrates.

Humor: Saturday Morning Skyrim

From the people who brought you Saturday Morning Watchmen, here’s a new parody to ruin your fun.

Humor: Funky Transforming 70s Action, Baby!

Everybody’s favorite backstabbing Seeker gets down funky style as a jive talkin’ detective … wait, what?

Humor: Action Figures Doing Star Trek Porn [SFW]

If you could watch a cast of action figures act out the porn parody for Star Trek: The Next Generation … don’t act like you wouldn’t.

The Real Housedads of Orange County


The hilarious lives of Jacques, The Count, and Todd, three trophy dads who spend their days lounging by the pool, riding $400,000 scooters, and drinking wine on the sidewalk.