Getting Ready for Death

Grim Reaper photo by Anthony Quintano

Why Steve Harper, a perfectly healthy guy, decided to have his will done.

Return of the Gentleman


Bettina Goodwin rethinks the the word gentleman, laying out 10 defining characteristics of what that means to the modern man.

Experiencing a Parallel Transition From Inside the Closet

jr closet photo2 jjvincent

Jason Rozek’s partner is a woman, and he’s found himself in a curiously familiar place.

A True Life Story of Love That Changed Everything

scott and wife

You have to read this unbelievable story of how Scott Sonnon met the love of his life. And how he almost let her get away.

“Men are going to have to break through the old gender roles and do more child care and people overall are going to have to learn to deal with it.”

dad child care

This comment by Danny on the post The Incredibly Low Bar: Let’s Change the Stereotypes about Dad’s

“The best reason remains ‘it’s so terribly complicated’” [What Reason Do You Have for Not Cheating?]

love trust respect

This comment was by Lars Fischer on the post 1 Reason Why I Don’t Cheat.

The Dead Zone: On Relationships That Drag On


Carlette Norwood shares some advice for those times when you feel locked in an unfulfilling relationship.

How To Stay In Love

Jackson Bliss, Erika Bliss, Jackson and Erika Bliss, The Bliss Family, How to Stay in Love, Good Men Project, Lyrical Essay, Love Essay, Love Poem, Love Poetry

Both a lyrical essay and a love poem, Jackson Bliss writes this tender and fiercely beautiful piece about the love of his life

Half A Dozen Hacks For a Thriving Relationship


Jordan Gray offers six simple hacks to spice up your relationship, for the long haul.

Why Are We in This Partnership?


Why Are We in This Partnership?

They Just Might Be Your Spiritual Partner


If you examine your path, the person you’ve been looking for might be there in front of you.

Yes, I’m a Stereotype…But Not in the Way You Think: Confessions of a Sort-of-Still-a-Slob

photo by toms

JJ Vincent simply does not fit the stereotype of the neat and fastidious gay guy. Blame it on the chaos fairies.

How Losing My Manhood Made Me a Better Man


Soft and spectacular: Michael Russer explains how Erectile Dysfunction enabled him and his partner to soar to unimagined heights of intimacy.

“My marriage didn’t survive after hitting rock bottom. It wasn’t about getting rid of her, it was about figuring out what parts of me lead to her departure.”

photo by weelakeo

These are comments by Steve Horsmon, Rachel @ Reality Chick, and wellokaythen on the post “If You Think Your Marriage Is Over, Give It One More Year”.

Dear John: Remaining A Couple Will Require A Third Person


Time away from an ex who is sleeping with someone else, serial break ups, and a husband who is uninterested in sharing a social life.

“I’m happy I have a wife, and having two people both contributing across the board goes a long way.”


This is a comment by Lars Fisher on the post “I’d Benefit From a Traditional Wife”.