It’s Time To Break Up: 7 Warning Signs Guys Shouldn’t Ignore


Jordan Gray lists the symptoms of a failing relationship.

Perfect vs. Real: How to Enjoy Our Partner’s Imperfections

Ideal vs Real by Kai Schreiber

Transformations coach Liz Foglesong offers thoughts on how to mend the rift between our unrealistic expectations and our partner’s true beauty.

The 3 Things a Man Fears Most: An Exposé of the Male Psyche

The 3 Things by Caroline Bach

Men risk their lives serving in combat, fighting fires, and performing dangerous stunts, but we’re not fearless. Here are three non-life-threatening things that men find truly terrifying.

When Pain Masquerades as ‘Crazy’ In Relationships


Even those closest to us can act in confusing and painful ways. Lisa Brookes Kift offers some insight on what might really be going on.

Real Life Love: When His Mother Left Him With Unmet Needs

unmet needs

The phrase “mommy issues” doesn’t acknowledge the pain involved. Heather Gray knows this and speaks directly to couples affected.

Learning to Be Your Partner’s Hero When They Need You Most

hero, marriage, couples, relationships

Warren and Betsy Talbot have found that their toughest adventures bring them closer together.

How The Rules for Fighting Saigon Traffic Can Help You Resolve Your Next Argument

Saigon Traffic

Trying to fight fairly can feel as confusing as navigating a city of 10 million without traffic lights. Jean Fitzpatrick gives us all some direction.

The Couple With the Best Story Wins

couple with best story

If we want our relationships to have happy endings, we have to be careful of the stories we tell.

Doing Your Partner….And Letting Your Partner Do You

Doing Your Partner 3

Jenny Glick shares her key for better and more frequent sex: Let go of the stereotypes you hold about about desire.

A Spoonful of Sugar: Speaking the Truth about Marriage and Kids

hilary silver 2

Hilary Silver knows that there are times of scarcity when you’re married with kids. It’s time to start talking about it.

Great Sex Doesn’t Happen When You’re Sitting Still

Great sex

Dan Bolton knows the secret to better sex. Hint: You’ll have to move.

Four Tough Questions That Will Reboot Your Relationship

4 Tough Questions by walknboston

Jenny Glick wants to know: Can you handle the truth?

“Is It Desirable for Men to Have to Read Women’s Minds?”

mind reader

This comment by Karen Jones on the post A Look Inside her Mind: 5 Things Women want you to Know

You Probably Don’t Practice the Most Important Skill in Life

handshake, social, connection, statue, social excellence, social animal,

You are a SOCIAL animal. So why accept social mediocrity?

If I Could, I Would: Men Offer Breastfeeding Support


For moms who have been shamed while breastfeeding in public the support of a partner or bystander can make all the difference.

Why I Don’t Mind Going Home Alone

2-bar friends-by glennharper-flickr

For Pat Brothwell taking someone home after a night on the town has never been his endgame.