Frat Party (Revisited)


Reliving “the old days” with old friends can keep your soul young, and remind you that your body is older.

Out of the Haze

unicorns, unique individuals, free thinkers, just say no, isolation, peer pressure, drug use, marijuana, smoking weed, stoners, aggression, men who smoke weed and aggression, college life, college stoners, athletes, partying, party lifestyle

Brandon W. Mosley is called a ‘unicorn’ by his classmates—for being a non-toking college student surrounded by aggressive, athletic stoners.

Adolescent Humiliation

fight or flight, bullying, alpha males, pecking order, boys will be boys, boys fight, male aggression, sexual attraction, male adolescence

Andy Bodle fights and flees the pecking order.

Is American Hyphenated?

soldiers, drinking stories, partying, racism, Australian culture, Army culture, war, Vietnam War, national pride, identity, American identity, hyphenated Americans, Italian-Americans, immigration

An Aussie soldier challenges his Yank counterpart to drop the hyphen from his American identity.

18 Suggestions for Thriving in College

college life

Markus Beyer’s wisdom on making these years the foundation of your successful adult life.

Stop Lying in Your Personal Ads


Consider this your personal memo: it’s time to be honest about yourself and what you want, starting with your personal ad.

Partying Doesn’t Have to Mean Risking Rape


Can we create a safer party culture for all?

Forgiving Adultery


After cheating, a yogi learns that you have to forgive to heal.

What I Learned from 9 Weeks of Sobriety


Why Mike Nicholson took a self-imposed hiatus from drinking, how his friends responded, and what he learned from the experience.

I Hope My Son Is Lucky


JD Roberto wasn’t a bad kid growing up, just a little wild and very lucky.

Dear John: “Guys Weekend” Had More Girls, Fewer Clothes


This week Dear John addresses a skinny-dipping party, concern for an alienated friend, and cosmetic surgery.

Enjoy the Ride

Puyallup fairgrounds roller coaster

Atalwin has traveled the world to discover ‘the only terrain that is still relatively unexplored is the journey inwards.’