Labels, Passing, and Identifying

David Guba on the use and purpose of labels in the context of race and nationality.

When You Lose a Good Man: 5 Lessons for Daily Living

You know when you’re on the phone with your favorite person in the whole world and you can tell they are getting tired, but you aren’t ready to hang up yet? That’s how it feels to be teetering on the edge of losing someone you love. It’s excruciating. In the three weeks between his cancer […]

Rachel Dolezal: Life in ‘Blackface’ and the Elusiveness of Race in America Today

Renée Canada explores racism and identity through the lens of Rachel Dolezal.

Historical Parenting: The Fathers of Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela’s impact will be felt for generations. Claire Thurston shares how Mandela’s two fathers helped to influence the type of man that he would become.

What Real Men Talk About

Justin Cascio talks to T Cooper, author of Real Man Adventures, about writing, crying, and being a real man.

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Owning Whiteness

Rather than defend against the charge, Justin Cascio attempts to define and possess his Whiteness.

Assumed Identities: 10/13

What have other people assumed they knew about you?

Dr. Robert Weissberg, Racism, and The Collective Shame of Bigotry

In response to Dr. Robert Weissberg’s defense of a derogatory Yiddish word, Zek J. Evets raises a challenge to call out those who stay silent in the face of bigotry.

The Psyche of the Point Guard

Russell Westbrook’s next few games will be a case study.