How to Overcome Excuses: 6 Tips to Gain the Edge & Meet Your Goals

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Great people throughout history often fail, quite miserably, before finally reaching their goals, says international business strategist Dan Waldschmidt.

100 Words on Love: He Was Like a Trance


Sometimes, our greatest love stories don’t actually last.

100 Words on Love: He Was Like a Trance


Sometimes, our greatest love stories don’t actually last.

“You don’t want sex? Ever!”

No sex

What’s a guy supposed to do when his partner tells him she doesn’t want to have sex anymore?

You’re Not Your Job And You Shouldn’t Be Completely Consumed By It

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We are always in search of something greater and more meaningful. Our work is a part of it, but not the whole story.

This 14-Year-Old Boy’s Mission Is To Help Kids Everywhere Play The Game Of Soccer (Video)


An American teenager wants to change the world with his two passions, soccer and giving.

Dance: A Metaphor for Life and Love

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Eduardo García explains the parallels between life, love, and dancing, where music is merely romantic storytelling and each person is the protagonists of their own personal epic.

Standing Up For What’s Right, By Getting Lyrical

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Against a grey and desolate urban backdrop, with shaved head and wearing a hoodie, this man’s passion will stun you.

What is Your Love Energy Really Attracting?

Elizabeth Menzel and Dale Thomas Vaughn

Confused about whether you should be a nice guy or a macho man? The answer is YES.

“it is these exact market conditions that allow you to get away with paying workers what you do…so you can enjoy…your extra 20-30 hours of free time.”

work to live

This comment by Van on the post Do We Really Need to Work?

Dating While Married is the Way to go for this Man

Colorized Date night by Kevin Dooley

One man’s view on how dating is crucial to a healthy marriage.

A Teen Guy Asks, “When Will I Feel Love?”

When Will I Feel Love

Noel Lobo wants someone to connect with him, understand him and care for him.

More Kissing, Sex and Spontaneity in 2014

Lady Chatterley, Good Men Project, More Kissing, More Sex, More Spotaneity, 2014 Resolutions, 2014 Romantic Goals

Lady Chatterley describes some of her goals for getting back the fireworks in her marriage in 2014

The Gifts of Self Forgetfulness: Freedom, Passion & Purpose


When we care about how others see us, we often fail to recognize the God-given gifts we were born to express.

Soul Mate or Not Soul Mate? That’s the Question.


Sometimes not finding your soul mate is best.

Book Excerpt from Mike Hrostoski’s “August.”


Mike Hrostoski’s personal story about love, loss and the importance of turning your heart back on.