What Passive-Aggressive Behavior is Really About and How to Shut it Down For Good

Yes, YOU are partly to blame.

When It’s Them: The Toxic People That Ruin Relationships

“When people show you over and over that they aren’t capable of loving you the way you want to be loved, believe them.”

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In the last year or two, I’ve learned to rely on my intuition. If someone or something gives me weird vibes, consider me gone girl.

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How to Deal With Passive-Aggressive People

You can’t change their behavior, but you can change how they behave around you.

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When She Uses Your Feelings as a Weapon

“Let her know how I feel? Are you crazy? The last time I did that, she threw it in my face the very next time we had an argument. I felt like a fool for letting my guard down with her.”

He Points Out Other Women. What Do I Say?

Jenny Glick offers some unexpected advice. She think this is less about what he is doing and more about how she can respond.

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The silent treatment has been an age-old coping mechanism in relationships for as long as I can remember.

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Who Hacked Our Shower Registry?

Taylor and Gabrielle elope at age nineteen. Months later, someone sends them a message by putting baby products on a Target marriage shower registry.

“A kind of rape society doesn’t talk about is the type where ‘consent’ is given through coercion or wearing-down.”

This is a comment by Davey on the post “Nice Guys Commit Rape Too”.