3 Secrets I Hope I Don’t Ever Have to Tell My Kids About My Teenage Years


Don’t get between me and my Bob Marley Cassettes.

True Detective: How I Came to be a Failed Husband, Then Moved Past It. 


A TV series scene sparks Derek Dupuis to think about his past, and reconsider what he once called failures.

When Reunions Work

reunion cup photo by respres

Ken Goldstein found — much to his surprise — that he had a blast at his recent college reunion. Here’s why.

Looking Back and Letting Go with Safety Not Guaranteed


Safety Not Guaranteed mixes deadpan comedy, love, and scifi to look at how our past can cast a shadow on our present, but only as much as we allow.

The Dangers of Growing Up, or: Who Am I?


Eduardo Garcia reflects back on his old writing to see the man he was and the man he has become.

My Imaginary Life


I am either a hero or a failure in my daydreams, but is the present enough for me?

The Fish I Killed

cutthroat trout

Steven Garbin remembers a fish he wishes he never caught.

Secondary Survivors


For those that love us and are aware of our past: the other survivors of abuse.

Dear John: My Co-Worker Makes Me Feel Dirty


A germaphobe coworker, a boyfriend who used to see escorts, and a regretful past of bullying.

Dear John: Haunted By A Hook-Up


Dear John addresses a bisexual hook-up from the past, a jealous coworker, and an anonymous note about body odor.

Regret: 7/7

regretful chimp

What is your biggest regret?

Pick Strawberries

Photo by dullhunk

Sometimes living in the present requires a leap of faith, and the simple pleasure of a single strawberry.

The Elders in Our Lives

Photo by dark_ghetto28

It is said that children are our most valuable resource, and maybe in a country this young and energetic we do like to emphasize the future. But I say, let’s look to those with a past.

The Fear of Visiting My Grandparents’ Graves


Atalwin Pilon experiences some mixed feelings as he visits the burial place of his grandparents.

The Fantasy of Facebook


In Steven Axelrod’s experience, not much good can come from logging onto Facebook.

The Power of Then

Photo by randychiu

What’s cool is to be in this abstract thing called the present, which means pissing on the past and giving the finger to the future. Can’t all three just get along?