Use the Future to Create a Better Life for Yourself: The Ebenezer Effect

Want to see your future? What you see may shock you. ___ Imagine that you could glimpse into your future. Would it change you? Some people imagine that a vision of the future would change them: To see yourself in your successes, your loneliness, your struggles. We live life on cruise control Life is every […]

How to Take Back Your Life

You can own a lot of things, but you can’t buy more time.

As a Man Faces His Lost Innocence, He Discovers the Simple Indisputable Key to Healing: He Has to Want It

A man discovers his path from darkness through a combination of resolve and desire. Here is how he silences his ghosts.

How To Be ‘Present’ And Embrace Moving Forward During Divorce

In order to live in the present moment, you need to be able to discipline your mind, become aware of the incessant conversations in which your mind engages, and stop the habitual and mindless thinking that takes you back to the past or into the future.

A Man’s Guide to Overcoming Your Past and Growing Your Intimacy

5 tips for tapping into your desire for more connection.

Your Past Doesn’t Define You

Your Past Doesn’t Define You

Touching the Past: Why is History Important?

Dr. Alun Withey on the tangible effects of history and why he finds it so interesting.

Lost Love: When You Can’t Find Your Ex on the Internet

I’m not alone in being troubled by how people suddenly disappear in life, right?

If This Dad Could Travel Back in Time, Here’s What He Would Change

Matt Sweetwood has built himself a mental time machine. He is going to go back and change all the things that went wrong in his life. Here is how his journey went.


He’s gone and I’ll show him wrong.

Pig Boys and Boar Bites: A Seventeenth-Century Medical Consultation

Social attitudes towards sickness in a society at a time where records of medical encounters are frustratingly rare.

‘Sick Roles’ Past and Present – The Sick Must Act Sick

The fact is that sickness has always been a topic of conversation, and the similarities between us and our early modern contemporaries continues to astonish me.

Are You Dating Someone’s Past?

Theresa Byrne asks how long you’re going to date the person they used to be.


Ashley Inguanta and Sheila Squillante build bridges between past, present, and future in this jointly-written poem–a first for the Good Men Project!

A Once Forgotten Iraq Stills Echoes

Having worked in Baghdad for the Constitutional Support Program, Sara Johnson-Steffey reflects on a moment in time while wondering – did we forget about Iraq? — I sometimes find myself remembering the sounds of Iraq. The call to prayer, five times daily, piercing the haze of the air, a tinny shriek of bad amplifiers resounding […]

Escaping the Trap of Past Conflict

Unresolved conflict from the past may be the most harmful influence on your future. Steve Spring offers some simple ways to let go.