‘Sick Roles’ Past and Present – The Sick Must Act Sick

The fact is that sickness has always been a topic of conversation, and the similarities between us and our early modern contemporaries continues to astonish me.

Are You Dating Someone’s Past?

Theresa Byrne asks how long you’re going to date the person they used to be.


Ashley Inguanta and Sheila Squillante build bridges between past, present, and future in this jointly-written poem–a first for the Good Men Project!

A Once Forgotten Iraq Stills Echoes

Having worked in Baghdad for the Constitutional Support Program, Sara Johnson-Steffey reflects on a moment in time while wondering – did we forget about Iraq? — I sometimes find myself remembering the sounds of Iraq. The call to prayer, five times daily, piercing the haze of the air, a tinny shriek of bad amplifiers resounding […]

Escaping the Trap of Past Conflict

Unresolved conflict from the past may be the most harmful influence on your future. Steve Spring offers some simple ways to let go.

3 Secrets I Hope I Don’t Ever Have to Tell My Kids About My Teenage Years

Don’t get between me and my Bob Marley Cassettes.

True Detective: How I Came to be a Failed Husband, Then Moved Past It. 

A TV series scene sparks Derek Dupuis to think about his past, and reconsider what he once called failures.

When Reunions Work

Ken Goldstein found — much to his surprise — that he had a blast at his recent college reunion. Here’s why.

Looking Back and Letting Go with Safety Not Guaranteed

Safety Not Guaranteed mixes deadpan comedy, love, and scifi to look at how our past can cast a shadow on our present, but only as much as we allow.

The Dangers of Growing Up, or: Who Am I?

Eduardo Garcia reflects back on his old writing to see the man he was and the man he has become.

My Imaginary Life

I am either a hero or a failure in my daydreams, but is the present enough for me?

The Fish I Killed

Steven Garbin remembers a fish he wishes he never caught.

Secondary Survivors

For those that love us and are aware of our past: the other survivors of abuse.

Dear John: My Co-Worker Makes Me Feel Dirty

A germaphobe coworker, a boyfriend who used to see escorts, and a regretful past of bullying.

Dear John: Haunted By A Hook-Up

Dear John addresses a bisexual hook-up from the past, a jealous coworker, and an anonymous note about body odor.

Regret: 7/7

What is your biggest regret?