My Dad vs. Pastor Dad

The journey to finding balance and embracing acceptance.

How To Be Here—Avoiding Fear, Anxiety, and Regret, with Rob Bell

A concussion gave him the tour of his life he needed to be in the present moment.

What Does Life After God Sound and Look Like?

Where can we go when we give up the life of belief? A Year Without God: The Film‘s Ryan Bell has started a new venture, the website and podcast Life After God that focuses on counseling—and preaching to—the former congregation. — Where do believers go when their faith has run out? Is there a place […]

Dear God, Where Did I Go Wrong With You?

Jesse Bradley considers where our spiritual scars come from, drawing from his many years as a pastor listening to people share their stories and experiences.

Empty Pews: 6 Good Reasons Not To Go To Church

In this provocative piece, author and speaker Dale Fincher shares a few good reasons why many American Christians aren’t occupying the pews for an hour like they used to.

Does Your Pastor Want To Skip Church?

Ministers are the last people you think might consider leaving church, but I’m one of them.

The Black Church: Slain in the Spirit or Out For the Count?

The black church represents—more often than not—a time where the pulpit is laced with bulls*** and the pews and are filled with few. The disconnectedness in faith and freedom prompts the question: is the black church slain in the spirit or out for the count?

Confessions of a Believer

Jason Helveston was always a believer. And for a believer, doubt is perceived as the enemy. Can that enemy be faced with opportunity and grace?

Is Gender Equality Killing Women?

Women often experience an implicit (and sometimes even explicit) expectation from those around them to be both a full-time professional and an ever-present mom.

I Hate Loving Mark Driscoll

Ultimately, I love him (or try, anyway) because as much as I wish I didn’t, I see myself in him. Do I like admitting that? What the hell do you think?

Has Anyone Seen My Faith?

 Eighteen years after losing his faith, J.R. Reed would really like to find it again. I can’t stand when I misplace things. On a scale of 1-10 I give it a 12.  If it’s something important I move it up to the 15-20 range, depending on what it is. I tell you this because about […]

Losing my religion

Every whisper Of every waking hour I’m Choosing my confessions Michael Stipe, R.E.M. God is cool.  I totally dig the G-man and his son J-doG.  I guarantee that at least half of you are at this very moment calling me a crass douchebag and preparing to close this window. If that’s what you want to […]