New Dads Should Be Able to Take Paternity Leave–Here’s How

New dads need to know what their rights are and how to talk to employers about parental leave.

Confronting the Cynical, This Mom Believes in Paternity Leave and Abolishing Double Standards

Amy Warren Alpert found there were skeptics about fathers taking paternity leave. That was before she had kids. Here is what convinced her they are wrong.

Your Official Paternity Leave Survival Guide

From screen time to nap time, Isaac James Baker guides new parents on how to navigate those precious months home with the newborn.

The Dad Sunday Cartoon Featuring a Father in a Tight Spot!

Our baby Boy in the Burbs really adores his dad. If for no other reason, he is SO flexible!

4 Assumptions We Could Drop in Business that Would Transform Families

Write for us. (Call for Submissions.) Tell us what you think would, could, and should happen in Business Culture.

Dad Cartoon of the Week Sounds Off on Paternity Leave!

We need to do something on the issue of paternity leave. One of the Boys in the Burbs has a suggestion. — Paternity leave is rare — and rarely paid. Maybe it’s time for the daddies of the world (or their kids??!) to take action!   Please like the Good Men Project Dads and Families […]

Mothers Day & Piers Morgan: The Dads & Families Podcast Episode 62

Mothers Day is here again, and Piers Morgan has some choice words about Dad’s.

Actually, Piers, We DO Want Extended Paternity Leave

After the notorious television host’s comments about Fatherhood, Dads on Twitter (and all over the world) responded.

Tweets of the Day: Emotion, Homelessness, Codependence

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The United States of America: Behind on Paid Parental Leave

Brandon Billinger makes the case that the United States is well behind the global curve when it comes to paid parental leave and suggests ways that men and women can help change that trend.

Single Moms and Single Dads Aren’t All That Different

Single mothers out in the world doing it every single day: I stand in solidarity with you. We’re not all that different. I’m a nurturer, just like you.

The Real Paternity Leave Outrage

Men are speaking up about paternity leave, but for all the protections provided by the Family and Medical Leave Act, it only provides for unpaid leave, which is simply not enough for most families.

Comment of the Day: “23 years ago, the Man-Box won.”

This comment was by bobbt on the post Stop Trying to Control Men! (Like the Met’s Daniel Murphy)

How Major League Baseball Is Helping Prove That Paternity Leave Makes Sense

Tom Burns thinks that Major League Baseball’s decision to support New York Mets’ Daniel Murphy’s right to paternity leave speaks volumes and deserves more attention than it’s getting

Why Baseball’s Daniel Murphy Is an Ordinary Dad and Why That’s Extraordinary

Doyin Richards dismisses the media uproar over New York Mets’ Daniel Murphy’s recent paternity leave, arguing that Murphy’s actions reflect the behavior of any sane, responsible parent

Josh Levs’ Open letter to Boomer & Carton and Mike Francesa for Slamming Paternity Leave

MLB player Daniel Murphy took one of his three days of paternity leave, and the sexists came out swinging.