I Bag My Own Groceries

I can make comments or take action.

Uzi Peretz shares an experience of ego, pride, and (ultimately) humility.

An Open Letter From A Disgruntled Server: 6 Ways To Improve Your Dining Experience

Open Letter From A Disgruntled Server photo by SierraTierra

In our customer service-centric society, it’s easy to forget that we all need to be good customers. Nicole Estrella offers a few words of wisdom for being our best selves.

The Pain of Patience: Living in the World Outside My Bedroom Door


For Erin Kelly, a writer with cerebral palsy, waiting isn’t an option. It’s a way of life.

25 Ways to Answer a Stupid Question

kickstart matrix

Mike Crider visits a museum and channels Al Jaffee while he’s there.

Man Up? Woman Up? How About We All Just Stand Up?

Men Women Stand Up photo by beglen

Tamara Star’s advice to all adults, men and women, on how to live more responsible lives.

Drugs And Alcohol Are Not The Answers To Your Problems

drunk, drunk man

5 Reasons you need to stop turning to them…

Our Roots: A Letter to My Husband After His Second Affair

Our Roots photo by 7 bits of truth

After her husband had two affairs, Annah Elizabeth asked herself what kept her coming back. And she realized she wanted to define her husband by all that was good.

Tough Guy

New York's finest, NYPD, New York Police Department, LAPD, police, heroes, heroic men, strong men, tough men, male toughness, The Good Life

Mike O’Shea was a physically powerful and courageous man, but what made him a hero to his lifelong friend, Andrew Cotto, was his capacity for love.

Patience: The Art of Peaceful Living

burned out airliner

How can practicing Buddhism save you from a burning wreck?

Be Nice, You Rancid Little Punk!

father and son smoke pipes

The impatient father of a young perfectionist finds “Do as I say, not as I do,” is easier said than done.

“I relate to the rage that comes from kids being little a**holes, but I don’t think physical discipline solves that. It just turns them into different a**holes.”


Do you spank your kids? If you do, why? If not, how do you discipline them? How did you decide what methods to use as a parent?

The Difference Between Want and Need

which game to play?

Why should a man clean his toilet rather than play video games?

Failure Is An Option

boy playing basketball

Kids need to be able to fail in order to learn how to succeed.

Ten Tips for the Postpartum Dad


A new baby can turn your world upside down. Signs of paternal postpartum depression and more from Active Duty Dad.

Being a Father Makes You Better at Your Job


A study of working dads suggests fatherhood conveys direct benefits to employers.

Reimagining Mentorship


The building blocks of society are its adult citizens. What kind of society do we want to build?