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This Man of Mine … He’s a Good One

View image | gettyimages.com When Julie Scagell remarried, she knew blending her family would be an adjustment. It turns out, she didn’t need to worry.   This man of mine. We met when I was coming out of a painful divorce. At the time, I had two children, ages three and five. I wasn’t sure […]

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Be patient. Be perseverant. Be pliant in your placement of power, and precise in your pursuit of peace.

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Tim Lineaweaver: With Force and Redemption

Welcome to Portraits of Fatherhood: We’re telling the story of today’s dads. __ There is no better place to witness the changing roles of men and women in the larger culture than through the lens of parenthood. But rather than speculate on what and how contemporary fathers do what they do, we’d like to bring […]

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The most important tool in parenting: Patience.

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Vincent Pugliese realized that while he’s working to make his son Nolan more confident, Nolan also teaches Vincent to be more patient as a dad.

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