The Elegance of Abortion Jokes

Quentin Lucas discusses the value in abortion jokes.

The Culture We Deny

We’ve barely begun to address the dragon in the room.

Patriarchy, Religion, & Policing the Body

When patriarchal structures converge with religious systems, female oppression and oppression of those who transgress gender binaries and boundaries became inevitable. Warren Blumenfield shows us how.

A Look at Life Inside the Man Box

Being a man doesn’t mean you can do anything you want.

The Castrating Power Of The Femme Fatale: Ex Machina

Ex Machina presents a vision of woman as free and empowered, and most of all, unreal.

What We [Must] Do For Love

Patriarchy, and its oppressive influence on our lives, prevents men from loving truly.

5 Lies that Distort Male Sexuality and Hurt Men

The messages we receive about sex hurt men in a myriad of ways, too.

The Conversation About Sexual Assault is Missing the Mark

From UVA to the White House, James Lorello says when it comes to sexual assault we’re not getting to the root of the issue.

Keep Your Home Safe from Patriarchy

Let’s plan to keep this fox out of our love.

Race, Gender, and Awareness

Cecile Emeke, a positive male role model from Hackney, London has a lot to teach men about race, gender, and awareness.

The Supreme Court says, “Patriarchy is Alive and Well”

The Hobby Lobby decision denies the rights of women, and the Supreme Court rules for patriarchy again.

Ain’t I A Man?

Anthony Carter opens up about being an African American gay man in a world that, in his words, honors neither.

Elliot Rodger: Blaming Women When Patriarchy is the Problem

BroadBlogs hits the hard stuff in discussing one of the true evils behind the Isla Vista shooters actions: patriarchy itself.

What On Earth Is A Good Man? (And What Is The Good Men Project All About?)

For Graham Phoenix, being good means going beyond what he feels inside himself into what he feels about the world outside. Here, explores just what that means.

Dear Tal Fortgang, Privilege Is Sort Of Like This

Patriarchy is like a game in which you can’t pick your own difficulty level.

Patriarchy: The Game

Patriarchy is a game of winners and losers.