Dividing Line

To stand on the dividing line between childishness and maturity is “To strike a balance delicate and fine.” A poem by Paul Leroux.

Prosaic Guys in Poetic Guise

Paul Leroux’s sonnet makes the case for poetry’s relevance.

Potty Mouth Versus Poetry Mouth

Paul Leroux shares a gay man’s perspective on the visual and verbal idioms (and idiocies) of porn versus erotica.

Hard Work Is Faith

Men and women of every belief have been praying their whole lives, writes Paul Leroux, whether they’ve known it or not.

Men and Spirituality

What do you believe in?

Be the Hero of Your Novel

All those things you learned in English lit class? They were really lessons in how to live your life.

The Genesis of Manhood

If there’s one film those aspiring to be good men–good fathers and sons–should see this year, it’s Terrence Malick’s ‘The Tree of Life.’