Jealous Guy Apologizes [Music Video]

jealous guy

John was a troubadour of peace and compassion, and a jealous guy.

If It’s Hard & It’s Work, It’s Not LOVE


Without love there is no flavor or meaning. Give into it and accept it with an open heart and you both will thrive.

‘Beatles vs. Stones’ Reveals Myths About Both Bands

beatles vs stones 2

A new book on the classic rivalry that reveals what kind of guy you are.

The Good Men Playlist: ‘The White Album’

white album

What’s it like to crawl so deeply inside an album that it becomes part of your emotional vocabulary?

In It For The Long Haul: 20 Kickass Songs About Marriage


Songs about new attraction and lust pack every jukebox and radio playlist. Rarer are the songs that consider the long haul of enduring love.

The Day Mrs. Ryan Broke Up Our Rock and Roll Band


In August, 1976, five kids from Northeast Philly were going to be the heroes who saved Rock and Roll.

Man of the Day: Paul McCartney

Who he is: British knight, singer, and songwriter, formerly of the Beatles and Wings Where you’ve heard of him: Any time you’ve ever listened to the radio Paul McCartney will finally receive the Kennedy Center Honors this December. His selection was announced today and he, along with Oprah and four others, will be honored for […]