A-Rod Hits 3,000th But Nobody Cares

How is it possible one of the greatest hitters in baseball history gets his 3,000th hit, yet nobody cares? Adam Crawford talks the asterisk of baseball. — Beneath The Surface is peeling back the layers of this onion we call sports. Friday night, amongst the home crowd of Yankee Stadium, the most controversial figure active […]

Why Finally Getting The Fight of The Century Makes Me Sad

The fight was canceled once because of performance enhancing drugs. Though it will finally occur, does the past-their-prime Mayweather v Pacquiao fight represent another loss to PEDs?

The National Football League: Too Big To Fail?

Michael Kasdan wonders what will happen as morality continues to collide with the sports entertainment complex we call The National Football League. Do fans care enough to really care?

10 Things Major League Baseball Should Change Right Now

Though psyched, as always, that baseball is once again here, Neil Cohen suggests 10 changes that would make the game even better than it is.

Joe Biden and Ryan Braun: Performance-Enhanced Alpha Males

There are genuine issues of goodness or badness to worry about in the world, but they do not involve Ryan Braun and other PED users.

It’s Not About the Muscles

In the wake of A-Rod’s suspension, Ryan Bradley talks to his son about Performance Enhancing Drugs.

Be Less Loyal

Putting aside issues of team and party affiliation, Jim Jividen believes intellectual consistency is the highest possible value.

Can Sports Save Us?

Oliver Lee Bateman explains why we should pay closer attention to the sports that we watch.

Would You Use Performance-Enhancing Drugs?

Is it ethically defensible to “treat” a healthy individual so that he can excel in a given career? Is it ethically defensible to deny him that treatment?

When It Comes to PEDs, Why Not Assume All Athletes Are Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Last week JP Pelosi described the toll PED use is taking on the fans. Neil Cohen offers a somewhat radical solution.

Why Barry Bonds’s Conviction Should Be Overturned

Disgraced home run king Barry Bonds is appealing his obstruction of justice conviction this week. Jim Jividen explains why it should be overturned.

The Unraveling of Our Fandom: Sports and Cheating

JP Pelosi wonders whether his admiration of professional athletes may have been misplaced all along.

Lance Armstrong Owes Me an Apology for that Apology

All of these fallen stars are begging for our forgiveness, but their vague, evasive apologies give us no sense of what they’re sorry for having done.

The Super Bowl History of the 49ers + Super Bowl 47 Prediction

San Francisco superfan Jim Jividen recaps the 49ers’ 5 Super Bowl wins and predicts the outcome of Super Bowl 47.

We’re Getting Catfished

Still laughing about how poor Manti Te’o got duped? Jim Jividen addresses the ways we’re all being catfished.

My Final Thought About the Baseball Hall of Fame

If hat size and back acne are sufficiently probative to keep the greatest players who ever lived out of the Hall of Fame, why are we stopping there?