Is the Adult Male Virgin Society’s Last Taboo?

Can we talk about how man’s worth is not really related to his ability to score sexual partners?

The Courage to Come Out of the Man Box

The way society defines our genders makes it scary to defy the boxes, but self knowledge and forgiveness can help.

Looking Foolish to the Crowd — A Life Lesson Under the Hood

You need chaos before brilliance. Jeff Bogle explains.

People Started Referring to Me as a Monster: A Gay Man’s Struggle With Alcohol

It took some hard lessons for Alexander to realize that he didn’t have to keep living his life by other people’s standards.

College, Manhood, and Exams

Aaron W. Voyles looks back on the ways male hierarchy was perpetuated in his college years.

“I have promised myself to explore and express being human more this year. “

Comment of the Day: A reader responds to an article about locking oneself into gender roles.

Everybody Wants to Fit In. Everybody Wants to Stand Out.

Aaron W. Voyles looks at the social navigation needed to become a man.

About that Drink I Ordered…

Two guys walk into a bar. One of them orders a cosmo…

“Is Physical Beauty Important for Practically Everybody?”

This comment by Valter V on the post Daddy, Am I Pretty

Call for Submissions: What Does it Mean to Be a Teen Guy in the 21st Century?

Raising Boys Editor, Marie Roker-Jones is calling on guys, 14-17 years old, to talk about what it means to be a teen in the 21st Century.

Why Doesn’t Batman Ever Smile? Part 2

Part two of Rosalind Wiseman’s groundbreaking new book on the world of teenage boys.

Breaking the Emotional Coma Cycle

Jason Hairston explains how constricted masculinity damages male relationships

The 30-Year-Old Virgins

JJ Vincent thinks he finally knows why he and his friends did not understand the 30-year-old virgins.

How Young Men Can Deal With The Stresses Of Peer Pressure

Dealing with peer pressure can very stressful for many younger men, here are some suggestions on how to manage the stresses and anxieties of dealing with peer pressure.

When Your Guy Friends Do Not Understand Your Mental Health Issues

4 Tips to making living with Mental Health issues easier

Excuse Me for Keeping It Real

Colin Berry makes the case for men to drop the surface-level chatter and have real conversations instead.