Life & Times Series: Part 2

Father Time presents:  “Life & Times – Fathers and Their Views about Time” Featuring a real-life dad offering his take on time  ◊♦◊ Shaun H. (Pennsylvania) Age: 36 Occupation: Writer and Adjunct professor at DeSales University Status: Married with one daughter, age 3 Wife is a Vice President at Bethlehem Apparatus. FT: Describe the biggest […]

Counter Clockwise

Telaina Eriksen recalls the surreal, backwards feeling that many of us felt on 9/11.

Good Men Project Live Storytelling Event—Meet You At The Gate

Edie Weinstein tells a story about her parents, now gone, and the special way they had of connecting.

Overcoming Unexpected Stage Fright

When Edie Weinstein took the stage to tell a story, she wasn’t prepared to be afraid. Here’s how she got through it.

Beauty in the Broken: A Lesson in Personal Loss

Erin Kelly reflects on the day her freedom was taken away due to a recent flood in her hometown.

Politics for the Everyman

Shawn Henfling was tired of pointing a finger at the problem. He decided to become part of the solution.

Strength in Numbers

Penn State, The Peaceful Hearts Foundation and the importance of community.

His Entire Term as Governor Was Tainted With Protests

Years of civil disobedience from Philadelphians preceded Tom Corbett’s loss in PA Governor’s Race.

Philadelphia’s Decriminalization of Marijuana is the Model to Follow.

It is high time for a drug policy grounded in science, compassion, economics and health and human rights

‘Kids-for-Cash’ Documentary a Reminder of Continuing Problems in Juvenile Justice Systems

An eye-opening and heart-wrenching portrayal of juvenile ‘justice’ through the eyes of a child.

Today it’s Pennsylvania’s Turn to see its Marriage Ban Struck Down in Court

Pennsylvania is the last state in the northeast that had a standing ban on marriage equality.

I’m Shane. I Could Die Tonight. Come Laugh at My Nightmare.

“Shane Burcaw … is razor smart, irreverent, and laugh-out-loud funny. I would help change his underpants anytime.” ~Rainn Wilson

Marriage Equality Just Got a Little More Complicated

In just a few days, six new lawsuits regarding marriage equality have popped up around the country.  — Six new lawsuits, really? Really, gay and lesbian couples? Is this really the way you want to be doing things? In the span of just a few days, six new lawsuits have popped up around the country. […]

Young Man In a Post-Graduate Maelstrom

Some resist. Twenty-two year old Jefferson Morris IV lets the swirling waters carry him where they may.

The Coming Battle Over Voter ID

A judge in Pennsylvania has thrown out Pennsylvania’s controversial voter ID law setting the stage for the Supreme Court to tackle the issue.

Pennsylvania School Tries to Kick Out Two Students Because Their Family isn’t ‘Homeless Enough’

Federal law protects homeless children from being kicked out of school.