‘Meet the Press’ Needs to Meet Diversity


NBC’s weekly news program needs some color along with its edge.

Why the Next Pope Should be a Poor Woman of Color

Screen Shot 2013-02-17 at 9.23.32 AM

Christian Piatt asserts that the church needs to prove its commitment to the poor and the marginalized.

Freedom, Business and Change


If conservatives want to run America like a business, they should never turn a potential customer away.

The Cowboy vs. The Invisible Black Man

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Thaddeus Howze believes that Clint Eastwood’s empty chair imagery may have been an accurate representation of the way the power establishment in the US wants people of color to remain – passive, silent and invisible.

Black Men Left Out of Job Recovery – With Malice and Forethought


Thaddeus Howze gives an in-depth explanation of how Black men have been excluded from the jobs recovery in New York City.

“There are more Black men in prison than there were slaves pre-Civil War. These facts are sad testaments. Even though segregation is illegal, America is actually MORE segregated than ever.”


This comment is from Zek J Evets on the post Can Hipsters Be Racist, Too? Lisa Hickey had asked the question “what else to you find actually works to create change Zek?” This was Zek’s reply.