Rotten Choices, Rotten Jobs

Quitting Your Job over Rotten Choices

Ken Goldstein looks at the trend of people taking crappy, short term jobs that don’t lead to anything better—and how that can change.

Why We Hate Poor People


If life forces you to walk in the road, someday you have to ask why.

The Pace Isn’t The Problem; People Are The Problem


MLB is changing its rules to pick up the pace. But according to Nate Graziano, it’s not that the games are too long; it’s that we’ve become too damned impatient.

No Matter How You Feel Today, You Are Not Alone


There is always someone out there for you. Sometimes you have to reach out instead of waiting to be reached.

How Fully Letting Go Is Really The Only Way to Move Forward

letting go

It appears that our greatest flaw is that we forge an identity with our possessions and relationships.

What to Do With Emotional Vampires

photo by snake

Snake Bloomstrand shows you how to spot and how to handle energy suckers.

Would You Idolize a Janitor?


What makes a person great? Tommy Raskin opens up a discussion on the treatment of our fellow man.

5 Reasons to See the Truth of the Situation We Are In


Mike Sliwa believes the story we tell ourselves about ourselves is a story worth forgetting.

He Was a Victim of the R Word


We don’t like to speak of the R word, yet its impact is undeniable.

This Guy Makes Your Abuser Look Good

Abuse Photo by Macnolete

Thomas Fiffer explains how abuse doesn’t always fit the stereotypes, and that is why it is sometimes difficult to recognize and act on.

Healthy Attachments to Money


We all need money to survive in this society. If there is a healthy relationship to money, what does that look like?

Emotional Resilience: What Makes the Difference Between Surviving & Thriving?


What makes the difference between people who get knocked down by life and stay down, and those who get back up?

My Life With The Grimms of Humboldt County


Meth, bikers, hoarders, and a semester at Humboldt State University. Rob Roberge recounts a harrowing attempt to get clean while getting a degree.



As I stand under an apricot tree, a golden set of stairs appears.

Nature’s Elegant Geometry: Signs of God?


Do you see miracles or coincidences?

Pope Francis and the Beautiful Iconoclasm of Washing the Wrong Feet


Mainline churches would do some good by paying attention to the tables the Pope is overturning.