5 Ways To Eliminate Performance Anxiety

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Jordan Gray says that performance anxiety is the most natural thing in the world. Let go of it with these five steps.

How to Eliminate Performance Anxiety Forever

Performance Anxiety

There is any easy way to eliminate performance anxiety once and for all and experience intimacy beyond what you thought possible.

What Is Objectification?

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When a psychologist promoting her new book is interviewed by a Playmate for Playboy radio, she’s challenged to answer the question at the root of porn’s very existence.

A Chronic Cheater


An unfaithful man ends up alone, taking a fearless personal inventory, and vows to change.

The Myth of One-Size-Fits-All Sex


Sexual instruction manuals perpetuate the notion that, despite the apparent diversity of ways to have sex, there’s just one right way for men to be lovers.

Fear of Heights


Each city offers visitors a custom solution for managing high anxiety.

But How Am I Supposed to Be with Her Sober?


The first time Dan Griffin asks a woman out in recovery, the intensity of the experience is overwhelming.

The Psychology of Erectile Dysfunction

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For 25 percent of men with ED, medication can be ineffective—since their difficulties are largely psychological. To avoid performance anxiety, men and their partners should reframe their ideas of good sex.