3 Surprising Ways to Beat Burn Out and Bring Your Whole Self to Work

joyful business man

Mike Robbins reveals how to thrive instead of just survive in the workplace.

5 Ways To Eliminate Performance Anxiety

Loving couple engaged in love in a bath booth

Jordan Gray says that performance anxiety is the most natural thing in the world. Let go of it with these five steps.

How to Eliminate Performance Anxiety Forever

Performance Anxiety

There is any easy way to eliminate performance anxiety once and for all and experience intimacy beyond what you thought possible.

Netflix and the Demise of True Romance

Netflix Romance

Sharing a Netflix movie doesn’t have to be the highlight of your romantic evenings together. Here’s a way to keep the romantic fires burning ever brighter as your relationships matures…

‘Upon stumbling by chance, on a man waist-deep in quicksand, I need a second to process…’

Guante Quicksand

Award winning slam poet Guante with a metaphor for our times. A brilliant spoken word performance of “Quicksand”.

Do Heels Make Less Of A Man?

heels copy

Dillan DiGiovanni thinks it takes a strong man to dance like this in stiletto heels.

When a Rubik’s Cube Is Life and Death

Benjamin Barker

43 quintillion possibilities. “Rubik’s Cube”, a spoken word poem by Benjamin Barker.

Five Simple Don’ts That Free You to Do What You Love

Five Don'ts That Will by Thomas Fiffer

Avoid these five pitfalls, and you’re well on your way to the life of your dreams.

How I Hit 200 Muscle-Ups Before Bed Time


Brian Appiah Obeng on turning practice into performance.

“Please, Professor,” Give Me a B

Photo by Shutterstock

A professor’s funny song from the 1970s anticipates the problem of young men not doing their best in college.

Jay-Z’s Unconventional Marketing Clip Strikes Nerve

Jay Z

Check out this boundary breaking performance art piece.

How to Be a Standup Comedian

How to be a stand up comedian photo by david chief

Michael Anthony is an Iraq War veteran, writer, and standup comedian. Here, he takes you through a typical performance.

Father and 2-Year-Old Son Perform “Don’t Let Me Down.” And They Won’t Let You Down.

Father Son Dont let me down

Kudos to dads of the 21st century who not only spend all sorts of engaged time with their children (of course) but share those moments with us on video.

How I Learned to Like Phil Mickelson


As golf journalist and fan, Tim O’Connor has disparaged superstar golfer Phil Mickelson as an insincere showboat for years. On Sunday, something changed.

Wimp: A Show in the Making About What Makes a Man

Wimp Vincent Manna

Wimp will be a very physical performance that explores and celebrates all sides of a man, especially the more taboo characters that live within us all. Appropriateness is over-rated.

“The sort of natural competitiveness that many male groups enjoy is something that encourages mutual respect for each other’s strengths.”

Photo by botheredbybees

This comment below is by Alastair on the post “How Competition Among Women Reinforces Sexism” by Susie Meister