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Iowa Black Dirt

photo by carlwwycoff

Perry Glasser is raising his daughter alone. And one by one, the mysteries are dispelled.

The Hero in Each of Us

manhands cheryl vanstane

There comes a moment when our very manhood is up for grabs.

Words to Live By

fatherly advice main

With Father’s Day approaching, we asked some friends—from NASCAR driver Matt Kenseth to blogger Andrew Sullivan—to recall their dads’ best advice.

Guys: It’s Time to Daddy Up


What moment made you the dad you are today? The answer to this question will define a generation of men.

An Interview with Paul Harding

Picture 2

Perry Glasser interviews the 2010 Pulitzer Prize winner about his experience getting his novel published.

Attack of the Identity Warriors

Perry Glasser recalls the “Identity Wars” of the 1990s, when being a white male college professor put you at risk of be labeled an “oppressor.”

The Valley of the Guys

They’re not boys anymore, but they certainly aren’t men. Welcome to Guyland.

Ask Glassbrain

When students asked professor Perry Glasser for advice on the best lies to tell to get laid, he wondered where their education had gone sour.