Religious Dogma, Heterosexism, and Cissexism

Though certain religious denominations may continue in their attempts to define us, they will fail.

A Deeply Personal Look Into a Couple About to be Executed for Being Gay

A short film goes where none have before. What goes through the minds of a young couple who are about to be executed for being who they are, as ISIS and others are doing to them around the world.

Negotiating for Cessation of Persecution of LGBT People in Iran

It’s no secret, the LGBT community faces adversity world-wide. Not the least of which places, Iran.

Alan Turing Helped Save the World

…and they persecuted him.

Pope Francis’s Opportunity to Heal

Pope Francis’ attitude towards homosexual priests is the first step on the path to healing the relations between the Catholic church and the LGBT community. But there’s still more work to do.

The Wrong Kind of Muslim: An Excerpt

An untold story of persecution and perseverance, by Qasim Rashid

Men are Being Sexually Assaulted in the Military, But Nobody is Talking About it

Our Soldiers are being raped…by our Soldiers.

An Open Letter to U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz

Jesse Kornbluth’s very frank letter for the prosecutor he believes was persecuting Aaron Swartz.

What Is the True Measure of a Man?

We can’t choose our fathers, but we can find our own role models, says Donald D’Haene, who found inspiration in the real and scripted lives of Sidney Poitier.

Running: A Poem

David Karpel tells an American story of persecution and flight: a family that can’t stop running.

An Education in Inequality

What Tim Brown has learned from the Penn State scandal about institutional racism.