Alone, Not Lonely: 5 Reasons I’d Rather Know Me Than Get To Know You

Being alone is actually quite empowering to the structure of the self.

Need Contraception for Health and Family Planning? Ask Your Boss.

Now instead of consulting with your doctor, loved ones and insurance company, your boss will dictate what contraceptive methods, if any, are affordable for you

They Just Might Be Your Spiritual Partner

If you examine your path, the person you’ve been looking for might be there in front of you.

“BlaQueer is actively showing himself just as he is, which is the opposite of the media’s ‘if you don’t look like this, you are inadequate’ message.”

These are comments by Salvice on the post “I Want the World to See The Man I See in Myself”.

“The thing about infidelity is that sometimes the affair feels ‘truer’ to the cheater than the marriage.”

This is a comment by wellokaythen on the post “Why Do We Live With Lies in Marriage?”

Can I Overcome Depression?

While most people can enjoy pleasant afternoons, I live in constant fear of the approaching storms.

News: Sunday Morning Live, Featuring The @HannibalTabu Experience [@isidra]

Insert witty commentary here for your own amusement. Ha.

News: @HannibalTabu Talks Tech and Culture on Sunday Morning Live [@isidra]

The internet gadfly and ne’er-do-well just keeps coming back for more on the popular web radio show.

News: Talking Tech and Culture on Sunday Morning Live [@isidra]

From dance grooves to busted tech moves and “help” for Orson Scott Card, it’s another week on web radio!

News: Talking Tech and Culture on Sunday Morning Live [@isidra]

From the passing of a legend to making history, stylish protection and digital insecurity, the popular web radio show pops today.

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“It’s Komplicated” Talks Tech, Culture and 9/11 on Sunday Morning Live [@isidra]

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