10 Writing Tips if You’re Writing for The Good Men Project

Writers tips photo by jimmybrown

Notes from a Writer’s Workshop.

Dear John: She Doesn’t Want Him …Until She Can’t Have Him


Dear John addresses a repetitive heart breaker, ripped gifts, and a friend spouting personal information.

Why I Hate Porn: One Man’s View

photo by jcorrius

Why does everybody in porn movies have that eyes-closed, SHOW ME YOUR WAR FACE expression? What? Is porn boot camp held on Paris Island?

The Story of Us

TweetOn this day last year, Charles and I decided that we were going to give dating a try. Our relationship had, in the past couple of weeks between then and when we first met at a munch exploded hilariously and somewhat consumingly from people who took a shine to each other at a munch[1], to […]

Olivia Is Not a Woman

TweetHi, everybody. My name is Olivia and I have trouble ascribing feminine labels to myself. This is notable for three reasons: 1) I am a cis woman. For those of you who don’t hang out around gendertalks as much as I do, this means that in utero and at birth, doctors looked at me and […]

Midnight in Mumbai


Many miles from home, Atalwin Pilon recalls a teacher’s wisdom: Clean up the relationship with your parents and you can do the marriage with your left hand.

A Sad Day with a Silver Lining


Atalwin Polin shares his story of globe-trotting, heartbreak, and new friends.

Guess What? It’s Not About You


A fly helped Carlo Alcos realize that nothing anyone does to him is personal.