Stop and Smell the Roses

How I stopped beating up on myself and started loving me.

Being a Transgender Man Does Not Make Me Less WORTHY of Love

Why was dating so much easier when I was living as female?

‘Restorative Justice’ Would Have Failed Me: Why I Believe in ‘Old-School’ Discipline

A man reflects on his father’s militant discipline and why he believes it made him a better man.

I Took My Clothes Off and She Rejected Me

“…I think you should go.”

11 Questions I Asked Myself During My First STD Scare

How Comic Books Changed My Life

How Daredevil and Batman helped one man get through childhood and early adulthood.

Somers Gym Teacher Will Never be Forgotten

Rich Monetti on a personal account with an inspirational man.

Your Marriage Ended: How To Begin To Let Go and Move On With Your Life

Derek shares his personal struggle as an example of how moving on with life is very possible.

The Root of Our Dysfunctional Relationships

What happens when we forget the value of community?

Trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Chrissy B Show

PTSD: Trauma and the road to recovery.

A Love Letter: The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

Love letters touch a person’s heart; the emotional vulnerability on paper is unmatched

To Control this Black Rage is a Lie

“I was the one who had to unlearn the fight.”

My Reality: 10 Truths About Being Black in America

The purse clutch. Being a fetish. LeRon Barton talks about what it really means to be black in America.

My Grandfather, The Illegal Immigrant

Why do I have to tell the Republican Party the opportunity immigration reform presents?

Spiritually Fit Dad

Chris Forte on how his vacation is helping him recognize his spirituality.

Why a Kiss is More Than Just a Kiss

View image | – You must remember this, kissing is more than just for lips. For both men and women, a kiss is a beautiful and intimate connection in romantic relationships.   Do you remember your first real kiss? I do. I had kissed others before, made out with others is probably a better […]

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