The Birth of My Fourth Son Awakened My Faith

Lisa Bevere on how her son catalyzed her leap of faith into Christianity.

Body Talk (Or, There is No Hiding with Tango)

The tango doesn’t allow anyone to hide their true selves from themselves. Aydan Dunnigan-Vickruck shows us how.

My Second Book: Endless Encores

Ken Goldstein celebrates his second book, and invites you to have a look.

Introducing ‘Let’s Talk Ethics’

Here’s your chance to get guidance from The Good Men Project on the tough questions you face every day in your personal and professional lives.

Day 0

Margaret Rhee elegizes the Gaza dead in a prose poem of remarkable tenderness. Blending the personal and political, she questions “The difference between wound and womb…Palestinian and Israeli…You and me.”

How To Finally Get Over Your Ex (Even If It Feels Impossible)

Yes, you can do it. Jordan Gray shows you how.

10 Writing Tips if You’re Writing for The Good Men Project

Notes from a Writer’s Workshop.

Dear John: She Doesn’t Want Him …Until She Can’t Have Him

Dear John addresses a repetitive heart breaker, ripped gifts, and a friend spouting personal information.

Why I Hate Porn: One Man’s View

Why does everybody in porn movies have that eyes-closed, SHOW ME YOUR WAR FACE expression? What? Is porn boot camp held on Paris Island?

The Story of Us

On this day last year, Charles and I decided that we were going to give dating a try. Our relationship had, in the past couple of weeks between then and when we first met at a munch exploded hilariously and somewhat consumingly from people who took a shine to each other at a munch[1], to […]

Olivia Is Not a Woman

Hi, everybody. My name is Olivia and I have trouble ascribing feminine labels to myself. This is notable for three reasons: 1) I am a cis woman. For those of you who don’t hang out around gendertalks as much as I do, this means that in utero and at birth, doctors looked at me and […]

Midnight in Mumbai

Many miles from home, Atalwin Pilon recalls a teacher’s wisdom: Clean up the relationship with your parents and you can do the marriage with your left hand.

A Sad Day with a Silver Lining

Atalwin Polin shares his story of globe-trotting, heartbreak, and new friends.

Guess What? It’s Not About You

A fly helped Carlo Alcos realize that nothing anyone does to him is personal.