Through My Child’s Eyes

This video of a father and his autistic son at a Coldplay concert gives Erin Kelly a lot to think about.

Why Donald Trump Makes Me Appreciate the Men in My Life

Yasmina Blackburn talks about Donald Trump’s candidacy as the next US President, and how it has helped to shape her view of men as a Muslim living in America.

How to End a Fight (on Twitter) Without Spilling Blood

Another person’s background may have led them to different conclusions than your own, but that doesn’t make their opinion less valid.

Living Life: When Mental Illness Clashes with the Prospects of Youth

Steve Colori reflects on how his diagnosis of schizoaffective disorder clouded his view of the world as a young man, and how he chose to respond.

Use Field Trips to Provoke Organizational Change

Sue Funkhouser describes the impact of a customer service field trip and outlines five steps to design impactful experiences. — Clients usually call me when they want to make a change. One effective tool I use to get people out of their heads, expand their viewpoints and trigger insights are field trips.  They provide an […]

Comment of the Day: ‘After my husband’s second affair, I realized that we were looking at all the wrong places.’

This comment was by Annah Elizabeth on the post If You Ever Use This Phrase Your Marriage is Probably Doomed by Steve Horsmon

Can You See Life Through Someone Else’s Eyes?

This powerful video reminds us why empathy is one of the most important virtues.

5 Important Mindsets for Dads When Your Adolescent Wants to Quit

Is playing sports your child’s dream or yours?

What If We Saw Our Kids How Others Do?

Parenting is hard…but so is being a kid. Sometimes other people can see things about our children that we can’t, but should.

Troubling Habits of Chronically Unhappy People

Understanding what unhappy people have in common will help you break the habits that keep you down.

A Dad’s Un-Granted Wish, and Why He is Glad It Did Not Come True

At a certain point, Matt Sweetwood wanted his single parenting chores to just — be over. He is glad now that he never had that wish fulfilled.

How to Ring in the New

Thomas Fiffer offers a new approach to starting the new year.

The Voice Within: On Perspective, Advocacy and Responsibility

Would you speak out about your own culture if given the appropriate platform? A high school student with Muslim roots shows why advocacy is everyone’s responsibility.

The One Secret to Get What you Want

Author Jay Cradeur shares what 56 years showed him (so far) about being content with life.

3 Year Old: The Human Nature Sampler

3-year-olds are neither devils nor angels. They are learning humans, who are basically sampling the entirety of human nature as they grow and change.

A Healthy Way to Aspire to a Better Life

If you’re unhappy, try living in the moment in order to find peace and purpose.