Thank You, 18

Jason Natzke’s love of football is inextricably linked with Peyton Manning.

How Basketball can Make Your Life Worth Living

Too often we think of sports as the be-all, end-all to existence. In the end, the cliché “winning isn’t everything” may be truer than we realize.

Peyton Manning and the Broncos Are Going to Superbowl 50 and It’s Gonna Be Awesome

The Return of Charlie: My mega-Broncos-fan sibling sits down and schools this greenhorn on what is up with Superbowl 50.

Making Changes to the Way We Look at the Game:

There’s a new game in town. gives you an inside look at sports—right here on The Good Men Project. — Come inside, the show’s about to start. It’s guaranteed to blow your head apart.  Come see the show, it’s a dynamo. That’s right, we’re now “Calling An Audible.” By Mike Dittelman Sports Fans, listen […]

The Book of Archie: Patriarch of the Manning Family

  Archie Manning has raised two of the most successful quarterbacks in the NFL, he’s doing something right.  — The story of Archie Manning can read like somewhat of a fairytale. Standout Ole Miss Quarterback marries his college sweetheart Olivia and goes on to a lengthy career in the NFL. Archie and Olivia have three […]

How to Fan the Flames of Your Relationship…And Watch All Five Football Games This Weekend

Do want to increase the fire that burns between you and your loved one? Do you want to do it without sacrificing the desire to watch the NFL Divisional Playoff games and Monday’s College Football National Championship game? This is your step-by-step guide to doing both.

The Bus Hit Him. Skiing Saved Him.

Sports can be a cause of discord in marriage, but for Heather Gray and her husband, sports preserved their union—and her husband’s life.

Why Do Good Things Happen to . . . Jameis Winston?

Keola Birano gets to the core of his extreme rooting interest against Florida State and Jameis Winston. (Hint: It’s about good things happening to bad people).

Video Fun: Our Top Twelve Funniest Sports Commercials EVER

Michael Kasdan brings you the funniest sports-themed commercials of all time! From Peyton Manning’s “Cut that meat!” to Glavine and Maddux’s “Chicks dig the long ball.”

White Men Mess Up and All is Forgiven

Whether it’s drugs, thugs or a bruising football loss, the media find a way to forgive and forget.

Still Holding Out for a Hero?

Super Bowl hype revolved around Peyton Manning and his legacy. Max White explains how the need to define individual greatness in our sports narratives misleads us into believing that great players can beat great teams.

Seahawks 27 Denver 23

Liam Day doesn’t want to have to tell you he told you so. So remember you heard it here first.

All 47 Super Bowl MVPs Re-Awarded/The Top 25 Performances in Super Bowl History

ESPN game show winner Jim Jividen reevaluates all of the 47 Super Bowl MVP performances and determines who really should have won each award.

The NFL’s PR Problem. . . And How To Fix It

Bullying, concussions, player arrests, declining youth participation. The NFL has a serious PR problem. Neil Cohen offers the league some advice about how to fix it.

Every Super Bowl Quarterback Performance Ranked (and a pick for Super Bowl 48)

ESPN game show winner Jim Jividen breaks down the greatest Super Bowl quarterback performances of all time.

3 Leadership Habits You Should Never Use Unless You’re Peyton Manning… And 1 You Should

What secret leadership formula does Peyton Manning know that you wish your boss knew?