A Phillies Fan Learns to Love the Sox

Max White was a Phillies fan when he moved to Boston. This year he started rooting for the Sox. That’s not wrong, is it?

Charlie Manuel, Andy Reid, and Childhood

Max White explores the unique attachments we can form for those who don’t play for, but coach our favorite teams.

Roy Halladay Has Nothing to Apologize For

Roy Halladay apologized for his bad performance while pitching hurt. As Steve Silver argues, the problem is he was only doing what the fans expect.

Can You Make Whine with Those Sour Grapes?

The Washington Nationals remind Phillies fans whose house this is.

Philly & Pittsburgh Sports: A Loathe Story

Ronald Metellus tracks his history through an interstate feud that just keeps getting uglier.

Root, Root, Root for The Old Guy; Jamie Moyer Pitches at 49

Jamie Reidy comments on record-breaking Colorado Rockies pitcher, Jamie Moyer.

Phizzled Dreams

Is Philadelphia cursed? Robert Steven Williams thinks so.

GoodCall: A Roundup of Real, Live Athletes Actually Being Good People

There really are athletes doing good in the world, and Brandon Sneed’s here to tell you about them.

The Conversation: Opening Day, Red Sox–Yankees, and Baseball as Life

In honor of Opening Day, two rival baseball fans preview the upcoming season and talk about what the sport means to them.

The Unfamiliar Favorites

With spring training in full gear and the Phillies as the frontrunners for the 2011 World Series, Philadelphia fans are in an unusual position.