Blues Philosophy

Blues philosphy

Fifteen places where life and blues collide, according to blues philosopher Todd Mauldin.

Philip Seymour Hoffman Reflects on the Nature of Happiness

Philosopher Simon Critchley and actor Philip Seymour Hoffman have a discussion on what happiness is and when they’ve truly experienced it.

How I Saved My Life


Oliver Lee Bateman discusses how he came to terms with his troubled past.

Stivers Cartoons: The Unexamined Life


Tweet ©Mark Stivers /

Raise a Kid You Would Like to Have a Drink With

bar, stool, drink, pub

Jeff Hay thinks parents should lead by example—and that you can learn a lot about a person from the way they handle a bar stool.

Philosophical Revelations At The Gym

weightlifting-by pasukaru76-flickr

I never thought I’d be quoting Socrates between pushups and lunges.

A Man Asks Everyone He Meets a Single Question. This Is What He Has Learned.

HTWL Bert 10_10_12

Juan Vasquez asked new acquaintances, friends, and family members one simple question—“how do you live?”—as a way to gain perspective and to share it with others.

Questioning Culture: When Personal Happiness Brings Suffering to Others


Do our current lifestyles violate the Socratic notion of Good?

Steve Jobs Reflects on Re-Shaping the World (Video)

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs’ philosophy of life.

Facing Infinity


An excerpt from Robert Levithan’s “Song of an Unlikely Survivor”

Remember the Atmosphere: 5 Theorems for My Son


From dealing with jerks to the misconception of a man’s world, Taylor Garcia proposes five truths for his son to consider.

Love And Anger Are Close Cousins

love and anger

We often pervert the relationship between love and anger, to our own detriment.

Mindfulness Sucks


Craig Playstead tries hard to “be in the moment”. But for that, you need to have presence of mind. And sometimes that seems like…well…never.

On Climate Change & Collective Courage


Courage is the only way we can save ourselves from ourselves

Slaves and Robots

R2-D2 from Star Wars

If we invent a machine with a personality and desires, does it deserve freedom?

Would You Use Performance-Enhancing Drugs?


Is it ethically defensible to “treat” a healthy individual so that he can excel in a given career? Is it ethically defensible to deny him that treatment?