My Philosophy for a Happy Life

Sam Berns is a high school student with Progeria, a rare, rapid-aging disease. But that hasn’t stopped him from living a fulfilled life.

A Leader. And a Thinker. His Birthday? Yesterday. He’d be 1,836

Jesse Kornbluth celebrates Marcus Aurelius.

Do You Want to be Whole or Do You Want to be ‘Perfect’

What men should be focusing on instead of trying to achieve the unachievable.

Beware of Sickly Thoughts

Learn to be suspicious of thoughts that come to you while exhausted, hungry, and stressed.

12 Reasons Why We Vilify

Without a set of shared values, argues Ken Goldstein, we can’t talk with, argue with or perhaps even live with the other side. And then what?

Is Everything Really Worth Knowing?

Are there times when a man’s ignorance is acceptable, or even necessary?

Why it’s Hard To Be a Philosopher in Social Media Land

Philosophizing and Facebook just don’t mesh. Here’s 4 reasons why.

Think Big … But Act Small

Louise Thayer bucks conventional wisdom and says, yes, sweat the small stuff.

How to Reduce Mass Shootings: Teach Young Men Philosophy

Jessicah Lahitou looks back on stats on gun ownership and gun violence and wonders if what we need is a new approach to tackle the violence.

The Lost Art of Aphoristic Reading: A Review of Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s The Bed of Procrustes

If there’s one thing the chattering classes can’t stand about Nassim Nicholas Taleb, one thing they’ll never forgive him for, it’s this: he’s written a book of aphorisms in the 21st century with an Athenian shopkeeper in mind.

Every Garden Has Its Serpent

Searching for a problem-free paradise may be the single most effective way to guarantee yourself a miserable life. ––– “Now the serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made.”—Genesis 3:1 (King James Version) You’ve all heard the old adage: the grass is always greener on the other […]

Dogma and the Intellectual: How my College Buddy was Blinded by Bias

If you think you can separate the wheat from the chaff with IQ tests and snazzy credentials, prepare to be sorely disappointed: because smart people with MAs and PhDs are often blinded by bias. ––– “The intellectual life has a certain spontaneous character and inner determination. It has also a peculiar poise of its own, […]

The Spicy Pleasures of Stoic Practice

The spicy pleasures of Stoicism are a lot like the pleasures people derive from skydiving and bungee-jumping. We’re dealing, here, with the thrill of the near-death experience. ––– We’re very good at being philosophical about other people’s losses. For instance, we find it easy to calmly remark “Well, you know, these things happen” when we learn that our […]

Why the Open Society Needs Difficult People

The search for truth needs ideological diversity. Yes, that includes the trolls.

How to Intellectually Turn Gold into S**T

John Faithful Hamer reflects on being disappointed with today’s “intellectuals”.

“The Ladykillers” Will Bring You Back to God

With Tom Hanks in the lead, Rich Monetti says the Coen Brothers’ film kills the presumption that we control our destinies.