Where the Germs (Really) Are

Something New by NIAID

Men’s beards may not be the cleanest places on earth, but Ina Chadwick identifies the real bacteriological risks.

Overcoming Fear and Learning to Live

photo by seamussmithart1

Andrew Lawes knows how difficult it is to combat your fears. And how important it is.

Dad v. Scorpion


Father of three Thomas Beatie left Hawaii to get away from weird bugs. But he moved to Arizona, home of the scorpion.

Where I Went on Vacation: 11/24


Where have you been?

Laugh at the Punch


After four years sober, cracks begin to appear in Erik Christian’s façade of normalcy.

Shaving Face


If she doesn’t have to wipe off the sink so she can use it, doesn’t sigh or grumble about the mess, I celebrate a small victory in my head.